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Amber Electric is one of the newer nontraditional energy retailers within the NEM. With their renewable initiatives and real-time wholesale energy pricing, Amber Electric is doing away with traditional methods of retailing electricity. Discover how to sign up to Australia’s newest nontraditional energy provider, and find all the information you need to know about Amber Electric, by reading more below.

Overview of Amber Electric

Amber Electric, the brainchild of Chris Thompson and Dan Adams, first began in late 2017 with the goal of utilizing technology and renewable resources to improve people’s energy usage. It began retailing energy to customers in Sydney, NSW in August 2018 before moving into South Australia the following November. Since then, Amber Electric has also started Beta testing in Victoria, the ACT, and Queensland.

Amber Electric wholesale electricity rates

Amber Electric offers wholesale electricity to customers in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, the ACT, and Queensland, for a low, monthly fee. Unlike traditional energy retailers, who offer fixed or flat rates, Amber Electric keeps you up to date with wholesale electricity prices so you can use electricity when prices are low and save money when demand and prices are high.

Amber Electric wholesale rates
State and postal code NSW SA VIC ACT QLD
Daily supply (includes monthly membership fee) 109c / day
$10 / month membership fee
119c / day
$10 / month membership fee
82c / day
$10 / month membership fee
103c / day
$10 / month membership fee
141c / day
$14.99 / month membership fee
Average c/kWh* 21c / kWh 28c / kWh 20c / kWh 20c / kWh 19c / kWh
Average FiT 10c / kWh 11c / kWh 11c / kWh 10c / kWh 9c / kWh
Average estimated annual savings 18% off the reference price ($264 / year) 20% off the reference price ($391 / year) 16% off the reference price ($216 / year) 18% off the reference price ($301 / year) 11% off the reference price ($165 / year)

Wholesale rates vary depending on distribution network. Based on average wholesale rates in 2019 for single-rate tariff. Due to nature of wholesale pricing, this is only an estimate and can change at any time. Source: Amber Electric pricing guide.

Due to the variable nature of Amber Electric’s pricing, a smart meter is required for their energy plans. However, if you sign up for Amber Electric and don’t have a smart meter, they will install one for you. Amber Electric electricity plans also come without any lock-in contracts or exit fees, meaning you can leave at any time, without penalty.

How to sign up to Amber Electric

Amber Electric is currently in Beta testing across several states in Australia and isn’t accepting new customers. However you can join their waitlist and, once you’ve provided your email, Amber Electric will send you a quick survey to figure out your energy needs. When it’s your turn to sign up, an Amber Electric customer service agent will be in touch to help you make the switch.

Amber Electric app

The secret to saving big on your energy bills with Amber Electric is in their Amber app. The Amber app not only keeps you up to date with live wholesale electricity prices and forecast prices for the next 12 hours but also tells you what percentage of electricity is being generated from renewable resources at that moment.

In addition, solar PV customers can track the live solar Feed-in-Tariff throughout the day, including a 12-hour forecast and your daily solar export history to make sure you’re maximising your solar benefits by sending more into the grid when the FiT is high, and using more when electricity rates are high.

Customers can also use the Amber Electric app to keep an eye on their energy usage day by day, with in-depth insights, to see how much you used and exported over the last 30 days. With the Amber app you can see if you’re wasting energy, and therefore money, and utilize energy-saving techniques to lower your energy bills.

Moving house with Amber Electric

As long as you’re moving within Amber Electric’s retail network, you can easily move while keeping their wholesale electricity prices. At least three business days prior to your move, call or send Amber Electric an email with your move-in date so they can organize the connection at your new address. In addition, if you do not already have a smart meter installed at your new residence, Amber Electric will install one for you at no extra cost.

Cancel your Amber Electric plan

Since Amber Electric has no lock-in contract or exit fees, you’re free to cancel or switch your service at any time. If you would like to arrange a complete disconnection (if, for example you’re moving and don’t want to bring Amber Electric with you) simply contact Amber Electric customer service to arrange the disconnection. If you’re interested in switching to a different energy provider, your new provider should contact Amber Electric for you to arrange the switch.

How to contact Amber Electric customer service

Amber Electric runs as a predominantly online energy provider, and suggests contacting their customer service team by email. However, they do offer a call-back service if you want to speak with someone. You can call 1800 531 907 and leave a message explaining why you’re calling and they’ll ring you back within the next few business days.

Pay your Amber Electric bill

Currently, Amber Electric sends out monthly energy bills which are paid by direct debit, seven days before the due date. If you need to update the payment details you signed up with, you can send Amber Electric an email with the new details and they’ll update your account for you.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, and might have difficulty paying your bills, contact Amber Energy to find out all the ways they can help you.

Amber Electric reviews

Customers across the web rate and review Amber Electric very highly, with TrustPilot customers giving the energy provider 4.6 out of 5 stars and not a single one-star review. Customers cite things like bills being cut in half after switching, easy communication, and easy energy usage management as reasons why they rate Amber Electric so highly.