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Alinta Energy Review: How Does Alinta Energy Compare?

No one wants to make a mistake in choosing their energy provider, so if you’re thinking about switching it can be helpful to look into what others think about them. If you’re interested in Alinta Energy, you can find a breakdown of Alinta Energy’s plans, rates, renewable energy, and customer reviews, by reading more below.

Review of Alinta Energy plans and offers

Alinta Energy retails gas and electricity across Australia, with offers and fuel-types available depending on your state. If you live within the NEM, you can purchase both your electricity and gas with Alinta Energy. If you live in Western Australia, however, you can only purchase your natural gas with Alinta.

Alinta Energy services by state
State Electricity Gas
New South Wales    
The ACT    
South-East Queensland    
South Australia    
Western Australia    
Northern Territory    

Alinta Energy offers two electricity and gas plans for those outside of Western Australia, and three natural gas plans within WA. All Alinta Energy plans come with flexible billing and payment methods, no lock-in contract, and access to Alinta Energy Rewards Shop discounts.

Alinta Energy electricity and gas plans
Alinta Energy plan name Alinta Energy plan description
HomeDeal Energy (Also known as No Fuss Energy in South Australia) Simple and competitive electricity and gas rates with no confusing discounts
Sports Pack Energy Get one year of Kayo Basic sports pack (a $300 value) free, in addition to a discount off the reference price
Sports Pack Gas (WA Only) Get one year of Kayo Basic sports pack (a $300 value) free, in addition to a discount off the reference price
Fair Go 25 (WA Only) 25% off Alinta Energy gas usage rates for three years
Fair Go 35 (WA Only) 35% off Alinta Energy gas usage rates for one year

Alinta Energy review: Rates, renewables, and more

If you’re thinking about switching energy providers, cost and energy plans available are definitely some of the biggest factors. However, it’s important to look at many different aspects about your potential future energy company. Here, you can find what we think about Alinta Energy, in terms of their offers, how they fare on renewables, and more.

Alinta Energy rates and plans review

Alinta Energy offers discounted electricity and gas across Australia, but is Alinta the cheapest electricity available?

The short answer is, no. There are cheaper electricity and gas plans available where Alinta Energy retails but that doesn’t necessarily mean Alinta Energy is a bad choice for an electricity provider. If you live in New South Wales, Alinta Energy’s HomeDeal electricity plan can save you 25% off the reference price, which is competitive in the state. However, if you live in South Australia, Alinta Energy’s No Fuss Energy only gives you a 4% discount off the reference price. In Western Australia, Alinta Energy Fair Go 35% might seem like a good plan, but you can probably find cheaper natural gas rates with another provider.

Discover more about Alinta Energy’s electricity and gas rates

Renewables and Alinta Energy review

With the state of the world, choosing an energy provider with a focus on renewable energy is more important than ever and these days, most people don’t need to choose between saving money and supporting renewables. How does Alinta Energy compare to other energy providers in terms of renewables?

 GreenPeace: The 2018 GreenPeace Green Electricity Guide gives Alinta Energy 2 out of 5 stars. GreenPeace cites Alinta Energy’s continued use of brown coal plants, their lack of position against fossil fuel, and lack of compliance to the 2016 Renewable Energy Target, as reasons for this low score.

 Solar: Alinta Energy does not offer solar panel installation to customers, and does not offer a high solar feed-in-tariff for customers with solar PV systems.

 GreenPower: GreenPower allows electricity customers to offset their carbon emissions by paying a little extra for their energy usage to support renewable initiatives. Alinta Energy does not currently offer GreenPower to residential customers, unlike other energy providers, and only gives large business customers the option to add GreenPower to their energy plan.

Alinta Energy and customer complaints

Every year, the Australian Energy Regulator releases their Retail Market Report which outlines how energy providers have improved (or worsened) their energy retail market in the NEM. Below, you can find how Alinta Energy’s customer service has improved (or worsened) over the last year.

Alinta Energy call responsiveness (2018-19 to 2019-20)
2018-19 calls taken within 30 seconds 2019-20 calls taken within 30 seconds 2018-19 average call wait time (sec) 2019-20 average call wait time (sec) 2018-19 calls abandoned before being answered 2019-20 calls abandoned before being answered
100% 78% 24 37 0% 3%

Between 2018-19 and 2019-20, Alinta Energy worsened in their retailer call responsiveness, in all aspects including calls taken within 30 seconds, average wait time, and number of calls abandoned.

  • Most improved energy providers in call responsiveness
  • Dodo improved from 85% to 94% of calls answered within 30 seconds, but only went from an average wait time of 403 seconds to 73 seconds
  • ReAmped Energy improved their calls answered from 87% to 94%, but their average wait time for 2019-20 was 2,177 seconds
  • 1st Energy improved their call responsiveness from 67% to 82%, and reduced their average wait time from 63 seconds to 30 seconds
Alinta Energy customer complaints (2018-19 to 2019-20)
2018-19 complaints to retailer 2019-20 complaints to retailer Percentage of customers (2019-20) 2018-19 Complaints to Ombudsmen 2019-20 Complaints to Ombudsmen
8,112 13,782 4% 2,579 1,974

As you can see, Alinta Energy’s customer complaints to the energy provider worsened over the last year, representing 4% of their customer base. How does this compare to other major retailers?

  • AGL customer complaints went from 69,208 to 41,703 between 2018-19 and 2019-20, which represents 3% of their customer base
  • EnergyAustralia customer complaints reduced from 22,000 to 17,806, which is 2% of their customer base
  • Origin Energy customer complaints went from 46,371 in 2018-19 to 26,598 in 2019-20, which represents 1% of their customer base
  • Which energy providers received the least complaints?
  • Diamond Energy only had 23 complaints in 2019-20, which is less than 1% of their customer base
  • OVO Energy has 0 complaints to the energy ombudsmen, and only 20 complaints to the energy provider in 2019-20
  • Nectr Energy had 12 complaints in 2019-20

Customer ratings and Alinta Energy review

Most energy providers have bad customer reviews online, and all reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. Customers are more likely to post a negative review, rather than a positive one, and they only account for a small percentage of all customers.

Alinta Energy reviews are no different, with 1,229 customers on Product Review giving the energy provider an average review of 1.8 out of 5. This includes:

  • 922 one-star reviews
  • 189 five-star reviews
  • Customers cite difficulty getting in touch with customer service, and higher bills than expected

Customers on TrustPilot give Alinta Energy 2.8 out of 5 stars, but with only four total reviews. Again, customers cite higher than expected energy bills, as well as trouble contacting Alinta Energy customer service, as reasons for their low ratings.

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