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Alinta Energy Pay Bill Guide: How to Pay My Alinta Energy Bill

Paying your energy bill is a necessity for most people, and choosing an energy provider with flexible payment and billing options can make the task that much easier. Alinta Energy offers many ways to pay your energy bill, as well as ways to help if you’re having trouble making ends meet. For everything you need to know about paying your Alinta Energy bills, finding support for financial hardship, or how to make your bills a little easier, continue reading below.

Alinta Energy bill payment methods

Alinta Energy has many different ways to pay your energy bills. While direct debit is usually the recommended payment method for energy bills, so you never need to worry about paying on time, Alinta Energy offers multiple bill payment methods online, over the phone, and by mail as well.

Ways to pay your Alinta Energy bill
Payment method How to pay your Alinta Energy bill
Online with credit or debit card Pay your Alinta Energy bill online 24/7
Direct debit Set up direct debit
BPAY Pay your Alinta Energy bill through your financial institution using the reference number and BPAY biller code found on your latest Alinta Energy bill
By phone Call 13 37 02 and choose option 4
In person Pay your Alinta Energy bill in cash, cheque, or EFTPOS at any Australian Post Office
By mail Send your payment slip and cheque to the address shown on your latest Alinta Energy bill

Sign up for Alinta Energy e-billing

E-bills are a great way to declutter your home, and help the planet. Instead of receiving your energy bills by post, they’ll be sent to your email so you can view and pay your energy bills whenever you’re online. You can sign up for Alinta Energy e-billing online, either through your Alinta Energy MyAccount or by completing the Alinta Energy online e-bill form.

Understand your Alinta Energy bill

While energy providers in Australia differ, most energy bills contain the same information in the same format which makes understanding your energy bill easy. Your Alinta Energy bill will contain the following information:

 Personal and account details: Customer name, billing and supply address(es), bill issue date, and customer number / electricity reference number

 Account summary: Payments made and payments due, billing period, concessions (if applicable), and additional discounts or credits. If you’re on Bill Smoothing, this will show your Bill Smoothing payments.

 Payment area: Different bill payment methods available on your plan

 Energy provider contact details: How to contact Alinta Energy (or your current energy provider) with any questions or concerns related to your energy account or bill

 Energy distributor contact details: Who to contact in case of an energy emergency such as a power outage or fallen wires

 Account balance: How much you owe (or how much energy credit you have) on your energy account

 Energy usage: How much electricity you have used per day for the billing period, as well as a comparison to previous bills and your greenhouse gas emissions

Alinta Energy bill payment financial hardship support

If you’re having trouble paying your Alinta Energy bill, there are many options available to you to ensure you’re able to keep the lights on when times get tough. Whether you need a one-off payment extension for your latest bill, want to keep ahead with Bill Smoothing, or need more financial hardship support, you can find help here.

Request an extension for your Alinta Energy bill payment

If you’re having trouble paying your most recent bill, you can easily request a bill payment extension with Alinta Energy. Simply choose the state you live in, and fill out the information requested.

On direct debit? If you’re on direct debit and need a payment extension, you need to call Alinta Energy directly at 13 37 02 to adjust your payments.

When you request a payment extension you need to agree that:

  • You’re a residential or small business Alinta Energy customer, who’s having trouble paying their bill
  • The extension request only applies to your current bill and you don’t owe any past bills. If you owe any past bills, contact Alinta Energy for other payment assistance
  • If you have problems paying your bill by the new due date you will contact Alinta Energy as soon as possible to discuss other payment assistance options
  • You’ll receive future bills as normal
  • If you have any more questions, or need to further extend a payment, you will contact Alinta Energy directly
  • If you need a payment extension and you’re on direct debit, call 13 37 02 to adjust your automatic direct debit

Bill Smoothing with Alinta Energy

Bill Smoothing is a great way to avoid bill shock, particularly during the summer or winter months when aircon and heating use go up. With Bill Smoothing, Alinta Energy calculates your estimated annual energy usage, which is then broken down into monthly installments. If, for example, you pay $1,200 a year on electricity, you’ll end up paying $100 per month rather than $300 every quarter.

You can set up Bill Smoothing by contacting Alinta Energy directly, and can cancel any time. You will need to set up direct debit when switching to Bill Smoothing, so you don’t need to worry about remembering to pay your monthly bill on time.

Alinta Energy Financial Hardship Policy and support

If you find yourself in need of ongoing financial hardship support, due to factors such as death in the family, illness, family violence, unemployment, or reduced household income, you can contact Alinta Energy and ask about their Financial Hardship Policy to help you keep up with your bills.

Experiencing financial hardship? You can contact Alinta Energy’s Hardship Team directly by calling 1300 282 02 or emailing If you’re having trouble paying your bill, it’s best to contact Alinta Energy as soon as possible.

When you contact Alinta Energy, you’ll need to tell them if you’re having problems paying your bill or you’ve been referred to their program by a financial counselor. Alinta Energy might also contact you first, if you have:

  • A history of late payments
  • Broken payment plans
  • Requested payment extensions
  • Received a disconnection warning or been disconnected for non-payment

You can also join Alinta Energy’s hardship program if you’re eligible for a relief grant, emergency assistance, or other energy concessions or rebates.

If you’re eligible for Alinta Energy’s Financial Hardship program, you’ll receive a personalized payment plan based on your previous energy usage and expected future usage, as well as how much you can pay and how much you owe. You may also be switched to a cheaper Alinta Energy plan with better rates, and will be offered support and referrals for:

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