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Optus Sport is Optus' Live and On-Demand football streaming platform made for football lovers. An Optus Sport subscription is a great streaming service for football on the go or at home, but is it right for you? Here we cover Optus Sport pros & cons, subscriptions & pricing, what is available to watch and more. Read on for the full info.

Optus Sport Plans Cost $24.99 per month as of August 1st.Optus Internet & Optus Mobile customers who bundle their plan with Optus Sport get 70% off, for a monthly cost of $6.99.
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Is Optus Sport Any Good?

Optus Sport Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
 On-Demand and Live football matches.  Only football is available, unlike Kayo
 Offers HD video streaming.  HD resolution is limited to 720p.
 Discount for bundling with Optus plans.  Only offers 5 premium leagues.

If you have an Optus mobile plan or love football, then Optus Sport is perfect for you.

You'll get all of your favourite sports delivered in high-quality streaming for a relatively low price.

Optus Sport has 5 premium football leagues including English Premier League, J-League, European Football, Women’s Internationals and more.

If the EPL, J. League, or UEFA Nations League are some of your favourites, then the app is a must-have.

Here is a quick glance at some leagues exclusive to Optus Sport:

  • English Premier League
  • J. League
  • Barclay’s FA Women’s Super League
  • UEFA Nations League
  • UEFA Women’s EURO 2022
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023
  • FA Women’s Super League
  • European Qualifiers
  • 2020 FIFA Club World Cup

What Other Features Does Optus Sport offer?

You'll also get access to OS Fitness, which is a fitness app that allows you to stay active from the comfort of your own home.

There is a handle no spoiler function which allows you to keep unwatched matches fresh and in the queue without seeing spoiler highlights.

Another cool feature of Optus Sport is its 'Mini matches' which are short highlights of matches you can watch quickly if you don’t have time to sit and watch a full game. Mini matches come in 3-minute, 9-minute, 25-minute, 45-minute, and 90-minute segments so you can choose what works best for you. This is a great feature for commuters or for when you find yourself waiting for your haircut!

If you want to relive some of the league's greatest moments, ‘Mini Classics’ or on-demand matches and highlights from previous seasons are also available on the app.

Optus Sport Price & Subscription Options

Optus Sport Price & Subscription Options
Optus Sport Plan Name Optus Sport Add-on
(Optus Internet/Mobile Customers)
Optus Sport
Monthly Plan
Optus Sport
Annual Pass
Optus Sport Subscription Cost $6.99 /month $24.99 /month $199 /year

If you are an Optus customer with an Optus mobile plan or Optus internet plan, you can add on an Optus Sport subscription to your bill for just $6.99 a month.

To sign up for or log into Optus Sport, download the platform from your app store and start from there. If you're using a computer, you only need to go to Optus Sport homepage to sign up.

Optus Sport Annual Pass vs. Monthly Pass

Over the course of a year, an Optus Sport monthly subscription works out to be roughly $300. You can save $100 on your Optus Sport subscription if you purchase an annual pass and pay one lump sum of $199.

However, we must admit that both of these prices are steep when you compare them to the $6.99 /month (Total: $84 /year) Optus customers pay when you bundle Optus sport with your mobile or internet plan.

Optus has a wide range of plans cutting-edge plans, including Optus 5G.

If you are interested in bundling your plans to get Optus Sport, Optus NBN internet plans starts at $79 /month and Optus Mobile plans start at $30/month. Another added benefit of going with a bundle like this is that Optus internet plans will also have a Netflix subscription included for free.

In theory, you could "cut the cord" completely with an Optus Internet plan that includes Netflix, adding on an Optus Sport plan, and taking advantage of all the free-to-air channels available on Freeview.

Is Optus Sport Free for Optus Customers?

Sadly, as of August 1st, 2022 Optus Sport is no long free for Optus Internet or Optus mobile customers. The free subscription feature was discontinued. However, Optus customers do get a discounted price of $6.99 per month for Optus Sport.

What is "OS Fitness | Trending" Your Optus Sport subscription also gives you access to 'OS Fitness | Trending,' an extra service dedicated to you and your family's health and well-being. A variety of fitness activities for adults and children are available including meditation, yoga, pilates, and fighting challenges.

Does Optus Sport Have a Free Trial?

Unfortunately, Optus Sport does not offer a free trial anymore. There used to offer a free 14-day trial in the past, which is no longer available.

Instead the program has a select few interviews and highlights which are free to watch. Occasionaly ‘Free Seat Matches,’ or a game that anyone is allowed to watch free of charge is available through the app.

What Devices Can I Use Optus Sport With?

You can access the Optus Sport app using the following devices:

  • Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox browsers on your computer.
  • Android or iOS smartphones and tablets.
  • Xbox One S and One X consoles
  • Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Fetch TV, and Chromecast

If you are watching on your mobile device, Optus Sport has a maximum screen resolution of 720p for devices with smaller screens.

How Many Devices Can Use Optus Sport At Once?

You may authorise four devices at any one time to use a single Optus account. You can de-authorise one of those four devices once a month.

After you linked the maximum four devices to your account, you must de-authorise one device if you want to add a new device. The function to de-authorise a device is accessed through your account in the app.

How to Connect Your TV With Optus Sport

Connecting your TV to Optus Sport is usually as straight-forwad as using the app and the instructions below:

How to Connect Optus Sport to Your Fetch TV

Matches are streamed in 720p on Fetch.

To watch Optus Sport through Fetch, you can either:

  1. Watch the Optus Sport channels on Fetch (only if you have the Optus Sport channel pack)
    • Select a channel (Optus Sport channel 1 - 6)
  2. Log into the Optus Sport App.
    • Open Menu.
    • Click 'TV' and find Optus Sport.
    • Enter your Optus login details.

How to Connect Optus Sport to Your Apple TV

Matches are streamed in 720p through Apple TV.

To stream your favorite matches to your Apple TV, you can:

  1. For users who have a first to third generation Apple TV:
    • Open Optus Sport on your mobile/tablet.
    • Select what you'd like to watch and click Play.
    • Press 'Airplay in the top right corner and select your Apple TV.
  2. For users who have a fourth for fifth generation Apple TV:
    • Search for Optus Sport in the app store.
    • Download the app.
    • Login to enjoy!

How to Stream Optus Sport Using Chromecast

If you want to stream Optus Sport on your TV with Chromecast:

  1. Check to see if Chromecast and mobile/tablet are on same Wifi network.
  2. Open Optus Sport app on your mobile/tablet.
  3. Tap 'cast' icon in top right corner of the app.
  4. Select your Chromecast.
  5. The 'cast' icon should change colour and the video will begin to play on your TV.
  6. To stop casting, tap the 'cast' icon again

Amazon Fire Stick, LG, Samsung, & Android TVs

On all devices 720p streaming is the maximum resolution available.

For all the above smart TVs (Amazon Fire Stick, LG TVs, Samsung TVs, & Android TVs) connecting with Optus Sport is the same:

  1. Open home/ navigate to your smart TVs App store (Amazon apps, LG content store, Google Play store, etc.)
  2. Search for the Optus Sport app.
  3. Download/open the app.
  4. Enter your login info and enjoy!

Having technical issues with Optus Sport or have questions about Optus plans? Contact Optus customer support now!

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