Stan TV is an Australian-owned streaming service and the first streaming service to be nominated for Logie Awards. Stan produces hit original series using Australian talent and curated a library of popular productions. But what makes Stan TV different? How much does Stan cost? Can you download your favourite shows from Stan? We’ll answer all these questions for you below!

What Is Stan TV?

Stan TV is an Australian on-demand streaming service owned by Nine Entertainment which was founded in 2014 and launched in January 2015. Stan TV has an extensive library of over 2,500 movies and 700 TV shows, with a growing portfolio of locally produced shows and movies.

Stan Australia has strong partnerships with many great producers, allowing them to stream some of the biggest blockbusters to millions of stan users. Some examples of Stan TV partnerships include:

  • Lionsgate
  • MGM
  • Starz
  • BBC
  • Village Roadshow
  • Worldwide

Stan TV has had strong competition in the Australian market, including media giants like Foxtel, BINGE, and Netflix. Recently Stan TV lost content with the increased competition with more streaming services in the market. Disney Plus and Paramount Plus have movies and TV shows off the Stan streaming platform.

Who Owns Stan TV? As of December 2018, Stan TV is now entirely owned by Australian TV Network Nine.
Stan TV was originally a joint venture between Nine and Australian news publisher Fairfax in 2015, both of these companies put in a pitch of $50 million dollars to get the project started. Nine secured an acquisition of Fairfax due to a change in media ownership laws.

What’s On Stan TV?

Stan TV has an online library of over 700 TV series and 2,500 movies, which gives you access to thousands of hours of entertainment.

The platform has an assortment of curated movies & shows with different partners and their local content productions such as:

  • Show Me The Money
  • Christmas On The Farm
  • Wolf Like Me
  • Gold
  • The Tourist
  • Bump

In 2015, Stan Australia released their first local production No Activity, which turned out to be a highly successful cop comedy series. Then in 2016, Stan brought Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek to the platform.

Stan TV made history in 2016 when No Activity was nominated for three Logie awards including Most Outstanding Supporting Actor and Most Outstanding Comedy Program.

The Stan platform also has a wide array of hits from classic television shows, such as Seinfeld. Frasier, Lost, Parks, and Recreation, Peep Show, & even Stargate SG1 are also available whenever you’d like!

Stan’s movie section has a similar selection to what you’ll find elsewhere. You won’t find many newly released movies, but recent Stan originals like, horrors Parasite or Relic can be found alongside classic pieces such as The Hobbit, Ace Ventura, Dredd, Pulp Fiction, Love Actually, Forrest Gump, and Austin Powers

If you want to jump outside your comfort zone Stan TV has a limited selection of world movies.

Stan TV Movies & Shows

Stan TV has a large library of quality movies and TV series on its platform

With over 2,500 movies from well-known companies such as Lionsgate and 700 movies to be found on the Stan platform, there is no shortage of things to see.

Here is just a small sample of some of the best shows & movies on Stan TV:

List of Movies & Shows on Stan TV
Movies on Stan TV Shows on Stan
Animal Kingdom The Good Lord Bird
Arrival Eden
Babe Yellowstone
Silk Road Normal People
Beasts of the Southern Wild Gangs of London
Nitram Saved by the Bell
I Am Greta It's a Sin
The Flood Bump
Gold Made for Love
I Used to Go Here Rutherford Falls

Can You Download on Stan TV?

If you don't want to use mobile data to stream Stan or you happen to be travelling abroad, you can download your favorite programs for offline viewing!

The download feature is available on Apple mobile devices (iOS version 9.3 and above) and Android mobile devices (version 4.4 and above).

At the moment, you are unable to download movies and shows on Windows 10.

How Much Is Stan A Month?

There are three Stan subscriptions, called Basic ($10), Standard ($14), & Premium ($19) plans. All Plans are no-lock-in contracts that bill monthly, so you can cancel stan whenever you want.

The Stan TV Basic Plan

The Stan TV Basic plan is $10/month.
The Basic Plan gives you a 30-day free trial unlimited access to the entire content library, some of the best shows and movies you can find in standard definition. The Basic plan only allows 1 device on the account.

The Stan TV Standard Plan

The Stan TV Standard plan is $14/month.
The Standard Plan also gives you access to a 30-day trial and access to use 3 devices simultaneously with high-definition streaming.

The Stan TV Premium Plan

The Stan TV Premium plan is $19/month.
The Premium Plan, like the others, gives you a 30-day trial. The Premium plan also adds an extra device to your account for a total of 4 devices. This plan also has the best streaming quality available, so you can watch your favorite show in 4K ultra-high definition.

When you sign up, you will always have unlimited access to the entire Stan content library. Stan plans differ in high-definition streaming, downloading to devices, and how many devices you can view at once.

List of Stan Plans

Check below to see all available Stan TV plans and their features:

Stan TV Plans
Stan Plan Features The Basic Plan The Standard Plan The Premium Plan
Monthly Price $10 $14 $19
No. of screens you can watch on at the same time 1 3 4
Free Trial      
HD Available      
4K Ultra HD Available      

How Do I Get A Stan Free Trial? To get a Stan free trial, you need to open the stan app on your devic. Keep in mind, you will need to choose a stan subscription plan to continue with the stan sign up process. Once you picked your stan subscription plan and if you haven't already, filled out your new account details, you will receive a stan free trial for a 30-day period! Remember to cancel stan before your trial ends if you do not want to be charged for a stan plan.

Stan Sport

For an extra $10 a month, you can add Stan Sport to your Stan TV subscription.

Stan Sport is a separate Stan streaming service that gives you access to some of the best premier rugby and football leagues, such as UEFA Champions League, World Endurance Championship, Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland-Garros, US Open, Indycar, & World Rally Championship.

Stan Free Trial Australia

Yes, Stan TV has a 30-day free trial for all new Stan users. Keep in mind, that once your 30-day trial with the service is over you will be automatically debited for a new plan.

If you would like to participate in the free trial, you will need to set up an account and input your credit/debit card information, to validate a payment method. Don't worry, Stan TV will not charge your card until after the 30-day trial is over.

How to Cancel Stan? Wondering how to cancel Stan TV? Go to the Manage Account function, and click Cancel my subscription button. Which you can find by hovering your mouse over your account icon in the top right corner of the Stan TV platform.

How to Use Stan TV With Different Devices?

Stan TV is available on almost every device in the market, making it easy for you to binge-watch whether you’re at or away from home. You can stream Stan TV with the following devices:

  • Playstation or Xbox gaming consoles.
  • Your IOS or Android phone and tablet.
  • Your Computer.
  • Your preferred streaming device (Telstra TV, Amazon Firestick, etc...).

How to Watch Stan TV on Different Devices

How to Watch Stan TV on Your Streaming Device/Smart TV.

How to watch Stan TV on your streaming device. Most streaming devices operate similarly:

  1. Open Stan TV on your mobile device (phone, tablet, computer, chromebook) and find your preferred show/movie.
  2. Select your preferred show/movie.
  3. Click and play your streaming/cast icon which should be on the top right of the screen.
  4. Select the device you would like to stream to.
  5. Enojoy streaming and watching Stan TV from your TV.

If you would like to stream Stan TV directly from your smart TV (a compatible Hisense, Sony, Samsung or LG Smart TV), all you need to do is go to your app store. Search for the Stan app. Then install, login, and enjoy!

How to Watch Stan TV on Your Gaming Console.

If you prefer to watch Stan TV from your gaming console, you can stream from your Xbox or Playstation console.

How to watch Stan TV from your Xbox:

  1. Click the home button on your controller to get started.
  2. Navigate to the Store then to Apps
  3. Go to New Releases and look for the Stan app.
  4. Install Stan TV.
  5. After intallation, open the Stan app, input your login info when prompted, and enjoy!

How to watch Stan TV from your Playstation:

  1. Click the home button on your controller to get started.
  2. Navigate to the Store then to Apps
  3. Go to New Releases and look for the Stan app.
  4. Install Stan TV.
  5. After intallation, open the Stan app, input your login info when prompted, and enjoy!
  6. Click and hold the home button on your controller, then click on Quit then Yesto be sent to the Home screen.
  7. Navigate to the Media - TV and Video section then to All Apps
  8. Scroll through until you find the Stan app.
  9. Install Stan TV.
  10. After intallation, open the Stan app, input your login info when prompted, and enjoy!

How to Watch Stan TV on Your Phone Or Tablet.

Stan TV is available on your Iphone or Android phone/tablet. The process is very straight-forward and simple.

How to watch Stan TV from your phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Apple or Google Play Store.
  2. Search for the Stan app, and install.
  3. Open the app and input your login information when prompted.
  4. Continue on to watch all your favorite shows!

How to Watch Stan TV on Your Computer.

Watching Stan TV on your computer is super straight-forward. All you need to do is open your preferred internet browser, navigate to Stan TV, login, and Enjoy!

But not all internet browsers are supported by Stan TV, look below to see if your internet browser is available.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Microsoft Edge