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Lycamobile is one of the largest international MVNOs, with operations in 23 countries worldwide. Lycamobile is another mobile service provider which has positioned itself as a company aiming to connect immigrant and expatriate families across the globe. Read on for more information about Lycamobile and decide which of Australia's broadband and mobile providers is the best choice for you.  

Overview of Lycamobile Australia

Lycamobile is an international MVNO, operating in 23 countries around the world. Lycamobile was first started in 2006 and is under the Lyca Group multinational corporation which has a business in telecommunications, travel, health, television, and radio. Lyca Group aims to connect individuals around the world, particularly immigrants and expatriates.

Lycamobile first launched in Australia in 2010, under Telstra’s 2G network. Since then, it has expanded to include first 3G and then 4G coverage.

Lycamobile Australia Network Coverage

Lycamobile is an MVNO under the Telstra’s network in Australia. The Telstra network covers 99% of the Australian population, with the highest density coverage in and around major cities, and small pockets of coverage in the Northern Territory. In the coming months, Telstra expects to roll out expanded 4GX and 5G services, in addition to their current coverage.

Lycamobile Offers

Lycamobile offers multiple SIM-only mobile phone plans, at a variety of data levels and price points. Mobile phone plans start at $10 for 28 days which gives you 1GB of data, and unlimited Oz talk and text, up to an XL plan, for $50 for 28 days ($25 for the first month) with 60GB of data and unlimited Oz talk and text, along with unlimited calls to 54 international countries. All plans come with unlimited talk to other Lyca phones.

Lycamobile plans run on a 28-day cycle, rather than the normal monthly cycle, which means in one year you could pay up to an additional month for mobile phone service annually

How To Sign Up to Lycamobile in Australia

Customers can order a SIM-card online. When signing up, customers can choose an amount to add to their SIM card, as well as a data bundle. SIM delivery is free through Lycamobile. Once the SIM is delivered, customers can activate their SIM card online.

When activating your SIM card, you will need to submit identification as per Australian law. Find more information about Australia’s prepaid phone identification laws online.

How To Cancel Your Lycamobile Plan

Since Lycamobile phone plans are month-to-month, customers can cancel their account at any time. Customers can call 122 on their Lycamobile phone, or 1300 854 607 from any other network phone to speak with Lycamobile customer service about cancelling a plan or service.

Contact Lycamobile Australia Customer Service

Customers can contact Lycamobile customer service by phone or email. Lycamobile customer service hours are Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm. Customers can call 122 for free from any Lycamobile phone or 1300 854 607 from any other network phone.

Customers can also email

Recharge Your Lycamobile Service

Customers can recharge their prepaid Lycamobile phone online or with recharge vouchers available from local retailers or online. Customers who purchase recharge vouchers can use them to top up their balance by entering *131*PIN# or dialling 131 and following the instructions. Customers can find the voucher PIN printed on the voucher or under a scratch-off panel.