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What is Green Power? Climate Active & Green Power Providers

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Green Power is the Australian government’s initiative that gives you the opportunity to invest in renewable energy. What is Green Power and how can you learn more? Do you know what percentage of your daily energy is supplied by renewable energy? Do you want to help Australia move towards being carbon neutral but don't know where to start? This article will help guide and inform you about Green Power and how you can be a part of this remarkable program.

What is Green Power?

Green Power is a voluntary government initiative to help contribute to help Australia transition to renewable energy.

When you choose a Green Power plan through an accredited green power generator, your electricity provider must purchase a specified amount of electricity through renewable sources to offset your electricity use.

For example, if you decide to opt into a 50% Green Power plan and pay your electricity bill, your electricity provider will 50% of the cost to buy renewable energy in the future.

Green Power helps renewable energy generation in Australia by:

  • Offsetting your energy use with climate friendly initiatives.
  • Directly invests in more renewable energy generation.
  • Focuses on green initiatives in Australia.

Green Power renewable energy sources include:

Green Power is part of a larger goal of reaching Australia’s renewable energy target.

Green Power & Climate Active

Green Power has Climate Active certification, meaning any purchases of a Green Power plan is considered a net zero emission source.

Climate Active (formerly known as the National Carbon Offset Standard) is a partnership between the Australian government and businesses to drive climate action.

Businesses have climate active certification when they reach net zero emissions. Climate active businesses also act as an example to others by setting standards and guidelines for achieving carbon neutrality.

Green Power Costs

Green Power is on average 5 to 10 cents more expensive than standard electricity. This fee varies depending on whether you opt for a lower percentage Green Power plan, like 20%, or a higher plan, 100%.

Best way to calculate your individual Green Power costs would be to add 5-10 cents per kWh on top of your current usage rate.

There are also fixed fee Green Power plans, where a 10-20% usage plan will cost on average one or two dollars a week. For a 100% usage plan, weekly fees can get as high as eight dollars a week.

Still want to support renewable energy but can’t afford to drastically increase your monthly bills? Here are a few options you can take to lower your expenses while still supporting renewable energy:

  1. If Green Power is out of reach of your wallet at the moment, consider an electricity retailer that still supports clean renewable energy. Companies like OVO Energy or Enova Energy all offer competitive plans that support renewable energy.
  2. Many energy providers have flexible Green Power options, allowing you to contribute according to your individual needs. If you are tight on money, but still want to support renewable energy, you’ll be able to set a rate right for you.
  3. Try to use less power throughout the day. Using less power is always good for the environment and for your wallet.

To sign up for a Green Power plan you can call your energy provider and ask for a Green Power plan of your choosing gets added to your tariff. If that option is not available you are able to sign up with a provider that offers Green Power plans themselves.

List of Green Power Providers

Many energy providers in Australia offer Green Power energy plans, and at different rates.

Here is a list of Green Power energy providers, their rates, and where to find out more about them.

100% Green Power Providers


Cents per kWh

More Info

Mojo Power


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Origin Energy


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Reamped Energy


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Amber Electric


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Indigo Power


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Energy Locals


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Enova Energy


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Discover Energy


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Energy Australia


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Momentum Energy


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OVO Energy


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Diamond Energy


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Red Energy


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Aurora Energy


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Ergon Energy


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Tango Energy


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*Tango Energy and Nectr provide 100% Green Power plans without separating costs per kilowattage.

Is Green Power Right for You?

If you want to support climate change infrastructure, but cannot directly invest in renewable energy, Green Power is a fantastic option.

Green Power: Pros & Cons



Government accredited and price isn't determined by private market.

Adds 5-10 cents per kWh on top of your current usage. This can add up.

Green Power directly helps fund renewable energy industry.

There is no direct information on how your money is spent in renewable energy.

Good for the environment.

Green Power offers no tax incentives.

By signing up with Green Power you are investing into Australia's renewable energy infrastructure for a relatively little amount. But it may not be for everyone.

For those who have the money to install solar panels may find they will be able to generate their own electricity and sometimes even make their investment back through solar feed-in tariffs while still contributing to renewable energy.

Clean Energy Council Looking for more energy about solar and battery storage? The The Clean Energy Council is a non-profit organization that can assist you, their contact information can be found on their website.

But for those that do not have the option to install solar panels any time soon may find a lower level Green Power plan to be beneficial. With a 10-20% usage plan individuals are able to contribute to moving away from fossil fuels while paying very little in extra costs.

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