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Simply Energy Bill Payment Guide: Ways to Pay Your Simply Energy Bill

Whether you’re a new, or long-time Simply Energy customer, you’ll probably be getting an energy bill from them within the next three months. If you’re expecting your next Simply Energy bill, you might be looking for different ways to make your bills easier to pay and manage. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways Simply Energy can help you better manage and understand your billing and payments. For all the information you need about Simply Energy bills and bill payments, continue reading below.

Ways to pay your Simply Energy bill

Variety is the spice of life, and while it might not make actually paying your energy bills any more fun, having different ways to pay them can make your life a little easier. Here are all the ways you can pay your Simply Energy bill, whether you want to set up direct debit, pay online, by mail, or any other method.

Simply Energy bill payment methods
Bill payment method How to pay your Simply Energy bill
Post Billpay Pay on the Post Billpay website with the Billpay code found on your latest Simply Energy bill
Online with a Visa or Mastercard Pay on Simply Energy’s website using your credit card
PayPal Use a bank transfer or credit card associated with your PayPal account
Direct debit Set up direct debit online and nominate a bank account
BPAY Pay your Simply Energy bill through your financial institution using the BPAY Biller Code and reference number found on your latest Simply Energy bill
In person Go to any Australian Post Office and pay your Simply Energy bill using cash, a credit card, cheque, or EFTPOS
Phone (for advanced payments towards your Simply Energy bill) 13 88 08 (Monday to Friday 8am-7pm)
Mail Send your cheque and payment slip to:
Simply Energy
GPO Box 367
Melbourne, Victoria 3001

Understanding your Simply Energy bill

Most energy bills, no matter your provider, show the same information to make understanding your bill a little easier. When you receive your Simply Energy bill, you’ll find the following information:

  1. Simply Energy contact information for questions and queries
  2. Your account number and customer number
  3. The charges to your account broken down so you can see what you’re paying and why
  4. Plan recommendations if Simply Energy thinks you could switch to a cheaper offer
  5. Energy saving tips and information
  6. Invoice details including the supply address, NMI, the date the bill was issued, and the due date
  7. Your energy consumption and average daily usage
  8. A comparison of your household’s energy usage with similar households in the area
  9. A final payment summary with all the bill payment methods and information

Simply Energy financial hardship support

Sometimes, life gets the better of us and we need a little extra support. Simply Energy has a number of ways you can find help if you’re experiencing financial hardship whether short or long-term. If you need a little extra time or help, make sure to contact Simply Energy as soon as possible to start getting the support you need straight away.

One-off bill extensions

Payment extensions are available to any Simply Energy customer, not only those with a concession card. It’s easy to request a payment extension on your Simply Energy bill, all you need to do is contact Simply Energy by calling 1800 065 475 or speak to a Simply Energy customer representative via live chat.

Fixed payment plans

You can set up a personalized payment plan with Simply Energy to ensure you stay up-to-date with your energy bills. There are two personalized payment plan options available to everyone, whether or not you have a concession card.

  1. Short-term plans between billing cycles
  2. Long-term plans to spread out the cost of your energy over the year

You can apply for a fixed installment plan through your Simply Energy MyAccount. Log into your account, click on the Billing tab, and choose “Payment Plans”. From there, you can apply to pay in fixed weekly, fortnightly, or monthly installments. In addition, you can choose to pay your energy bill in advance, to cover your future usage.

Simply Energy financial hardship program

Simply Energy’s hardship program is designed to help you regain control of your energy usage and bills. If you need a little extra support, beyond a payment extension or payment plan, Simply Energy’s financial hardship program is designed to be tailored to your needs. With the financial hardship program, Simply Energy can help you with:

  • Designing a short or long term payment plan with fixed and flexible installments
  • Flexible bill payment methods such as Centrepay and direct debit
  • Advanced bill payments so you can keep ahead of your energy bills
  • Energy saving tips and tricks to reduce your consumption and energy bills
  • Information about government energy concessions, rebates, and grants, with help on eligibility and applications
  • Referrals to financial counselling services

Simply Energy MyAccount

Simply Energy’s MyAccount portal lets customers access and manage all aspects of their Simply Energy account online or via the Simply Energy MyAccount app. Simply Energy customers can set up their MyAccount using their customer number, postcode, and date of birth and, once activated, will be able to see and manage their energy account.

With Simply Energy’s MyAccount, customers can:

  • See their energy usage
  • Check any bills due or outstanding payments
  • Set up or change their direct debit information
  • Sign up for ebilling

Simply Energy bill payment FAQ

How often will I get a Simply Energy bill?

Your billing cycle depends on the fuel type, and type of meter attached to your house.

  • Electricity with a standard analogue meter: Every three months unless there’s an issue accessing your meter
  • Electricity with a smart meter: At least once every 30 days
  • Gas: Every three months unless you live in Victoria in which case it’s every two months
If you have a smart meter and are on a three-month electricity billing cycle, you can choose to switch to monthly billing. However, you cannot switch from monthly to quarterly. In addition, if you set up a payment plan, you can choose to pay in smaller instalments such as weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

Why was my bill higher than expected?

If you find your latest energy bill is higher than expected, it could be for one of these reasons:

  1. Change in the weather: If the weather has recently changed, you might have started running your heater or aircon more, which can bump up your energy costs, this can be even more if you have a pool as well.
  2. Changes to your home: If you recently bought a new appliance, renovated, upgraded your home, you might experience a higher energy bill.
  3. Change in energy price: While all energy companies need to let you know about price changes, if your energy rates or daily supply charge went up you might pay more for your energy

How can I better track my energy usage?

For customers with a smart meter, Tracker is a service offered to Simply Energy customers who want to better monitor and manage their energy usage. With Tracker, you can check your energy consumption every day, using your smart meter data in hourly intervals. You can also set a usage and cost budget, and track your spending, as well as receive weekly or monthly updates in addition to checking your usage at any time from any device. If you want to request access to Tracker, contact Simply Energy by emailing

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