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Ergon Energy Retail and Network Contact Information

Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy, subsidiary of Energy Queensland Limited, is the governmentally-owned historic energy retailer and local distributor for the majority of the state and the only choice for energy retailer for those living outside south-east Queensland. Continue reading to find out how to contact Ergon Energy for both retail and network services, including information about outages, emergencies, and faults.

Phone numbers to contact Ergon Energy Retail

Ergon Energy Retail is responsible for all customer-facing aspects of Ergon Energy. This includes help with opening accounts or moving house, help with switching tariffs or home energy management to save money, account and billing enquiries, and information about rebates and financial help.

Customers can get in touch with Ergon Energy Retail by calling 13 10 46 (7:15am - 5:45pm Monday to Friday) from within Australia, or overseas by calling +61 7 3069 4100. Customers who require translation services can dial 1300 607 555 and select the language they need.

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Best time to contact Ergon Energy customer service

Ergon Energy retail is available to contact between 7:15am to 5:45pm, but customers might find a bit of a wait when it comes to speaking with an operator if they call during peak mid-morning hours. However, for emergencies and faults, Ergon Energy is available 24/7 to call. 

Contact Ergon Energy in case of emergency or power outage

Ergon Energy not only retails energy to customers in Queensland but is also one of the distributors for the region. Customers within the Ergon Energy Network will need to contact Ergon Energy in case of fault or other network enquiries.

Ergon Energy Network can be contacted by calling 13 74 66 (7am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday) or, for international calls, +61 7 3069 0800 (7am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday) for all network enquiries. Enquiries can include:

  • Information about planned and unplanned outages
  • Establishing new connections
  • Employee and customer safety
  • Meter-reading

Life-threatening emergency? In cases of danger to self or property (including shock or tingles) call emergency services by dialling 000 or 13 16 70, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customers experiencing any faults in their energy distribution can call Ergon Energy Network 24/7 at 13 22 96. In addition, Ergon Energy online will keep customers updated on any planned or unplanned outages and maintenance, as well as information about repairs and maintenance.

Contact Ergon Energy by email and postal address

Ergon Energy doesn’t offer a public email address, opting instead for online forms. However, for all written enquiries, customers can send their request by post to:
Ergon Energy
PO Box 1090
Townsville QLD 4810

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Pay an Ergon Energy bill

Ergon Energy Retail offers multiple ways to pay an Ergon Energy bill. Ergon Energy recommends direct debit as customers can select how frequently they receive their bills (weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly) to reduce bill shock.

In addition to direct debit, customers can also pay online, over the phone, in person, or by post. With these additional payment methods, customers can elect to utilize SmoothPay to reduce bill shock by electing to pay smaller, incremental amounts weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Additional payment methods include:

  • BPOINT online - No login required
  • Online with My Account
  • Over the phone by dialling 1300 363 214
  • In-person at any Australian Post office
  • Setting up EFT by calling 13 10 46
  • Cheque or money order mailed to the address seen on your invoice, which may take 3-7 days to clear
  • Centrepay
    • Contact Ergon Energy while overseas
    • Ergon Energy Retail: +61 7 3069 4100 (7:15am - 5:45pm Monday to Friday)
    • Ergon Energy Network: +61 7 3069 0800 (7am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday)
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