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Dodo Energy Contact Information: Phone Number, Email Address, and Online Form

Dodo retails both energy and telecommunication services across Australia, providing everything from electricity and gas to NBN and mobile phone plans. If you’re a Dodo Energy customer, continue reading below to find out all the ways to contact Dodo Energy including phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address, for whatever your question or concern might be.

Phone numbers to call Dodo Energy customer service

All Dodo customers, both energy and telecommunications, can contact Dodo customer service by dialling either 13 DO DO (13 36 36) or their alternative phone number 02 8375 3629. This phone number will connect you to Dodo’s Sales Team, Customer Service team, tech support, and Energy and Gas Support.

Calling Dodo from overseasDodo does not have a dedicated phone number for overseas customers. However, if you’re abroad and need to call Dodo Energy customer service, you can call their alternative phone number with the Australian country code: +61 2 8375 3629. In addition, Dodo does offer Live Chat online, and an online form, so you can still contact Dodo customer service, even if you’re not in Australia.

Call Dodo Energy in case of emergency or power outage

Emergency?If you’re facing a life-threatening emergency or damage to self or property, call emergency services immediately at 000

If you’re experiencing a gas or electricity emergency, such as an outage or the smell of gas, you’ll need to get in contact with your energy distributor. While you purchase energy through your energy retailer (such as Dodo), it’s the supplier who is in charge of actually maintaining the electricity supply and gas lines. Your energy distributor’s information can be found online, or on your energy invoice.

Dodo Energy online and postal address

Dodo Energy does not have a dedicated email or postal address available on their website, however they do have different email addresses listed on their legal terms of service and standard forms of agreement.

Dodo also has a customer service postal address for any complaints or feedback, which can be sent to:
Dodo Customer Service
PO Box 631, Collins Street West

Dodo customer service is available directly online. Customers can fill out an online request form with their contact details and a description of their request. Dodo also offers online Live Chat services for customers who don’t want to pick up the phone.

How to pay a Dodo Energy bill: Billing and payment methods

Dodo accepts both automatic (direct debit) payments and manual payments for their services. New customers in Victoria who have a smart meter will get their bills sent to them every month, while existing customers and electricity customers in South Australia, Queensland,and New South Wales get their energy bills sent to them every three months. Gas customers in all states will get bills every two months.

Automatic payment methods can be done from:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Direct debit from a bank account

If you need to update your automatic payment method, you can do so from your online Dodo account.

Manual payment methods include:

  • Payment by debit or credit card using Dodo’s online bill payment service
  • Phone payment service (only available for phone and internet users) by calling 13 DO DO (13 36 36)
  • BPAY by contacting your financial institution and using the BPAY Biller Code and reference number available on your invoice
  • Post Billpay (Post Office payments) are only available to energy customers

Customers experiencing financial difficulties can log into their my.dodo account and find what payment extension and plan services are available to them by clicking the Payment Extension & Plan page under the Billing & Payment tab.

Contact Dodo Energy to subscribe to a plan

Customers interested in signing up to a Dodo Energy plan can subscribe online, or over the phone by calling 13 DO DO (13 36 36). When you sign up for a Dodo Energy plan, make sure you have the full address for the connection, valid identification, and your contact information. When signing up to Dodo, you’ll need at least two days for new connections.

Move house with Dodo

Customers can move house while keeping their Dodo services. Dodo Energy customer service requires three business days to disconnect / reconnect your addresses, but urgent connections might be available for an extra charge. To request a move, customers can:

  • Call 13 DO DO (13 36 36) or call 1399 193 302
  • Contact Dodo using their online request form

Depending on where you’re moving to, your plan might change as energy distributors have different rates and discounts. While Dodo Energy does not charge any additional fees, your energy distributor might charge a disconnection / reconnection fee.

Dodo customer support phone numbers and business hours

All Dodo customers can get in touch with Dodo customer support by calling either 13 DO DO (13 36 36) or on their alternative phone number 02 8375 3629. While you can call either of these numbers for any question, concern, or problem, business hours do differ, depending on who you need to speak with.

Dodo customer service numbers and business hours
Enquiry Alternative number Business hours
Sales 02 8375 3629 8am -11pm weekdays
9am - 9pm Saturday
Customer support 02 8375 3629 9am - 6pm weekdays
Technical support 02 8375 3629 9am - 9pm weekdays
Power & gas support 02 8375 3629 8am - 7pm weekdays
Overseas  +61 2 8375 3629 N / A
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