Vodafone Mobile: Prepaid and No-Contract Mobile Plans

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Vodafone mobile plans

Vodafone one of the major mobile network operators and mobile phone providers in Australia, offers the latest mobile devices and flexible mobile plans, in addition to their broadband and NBN services. Discover everything about Vodafone’s mobile phone plans and services, by reading more below. .

Overview of Vodafone

Vodafone has been a major part of Australian telecommunications since 2009, as one of the three mobile network operators in the country. Vodafone currently covers 96% of the Australian population with their mobile network coverage, with plans to expand into the 5G network by mid-2020. As of February 2020, Vodafone Australia and telecommunications company TPG have been approved to go ahead with a merger plan.

Vodafone Mobile Phones

If you’re looking for a new mobile phone, Vodafone offers the latest phones and devices on the market with competitive and flexible repayment terms to suit your monthly budget. If prepaid mobile phones are more your speed, Vodafone offers a number of prepaid mobile phones, all for under $200.


Vodafone is Among the Cheapest NBN, Home Broadband & Mobile Providers in Australia!

Vodafone Phones with Plans

Vodafone has all the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, including the newest iPhone SE and Galaxy S20 as well as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, available on monthly payment plans over 12, 24, or 36 months. With these phones, you can choose the repayment term, and the month-to-month mobile plan you want to include with it. Price per month will depend on the model and storage capacity of the phone you want, as well as the length of the payment plan you choose.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Phones

If you don’t want to worry about paying your phone back over multiple months, Vodafone also offers a number of prepaid mobile phones, including the Samsung Galaxy A20, and their own Vodafone brand phones. Prices start at $39 for the Vodafone Smart A9 with 3G capabilities, up to the Samsung Galaxy A20 with 4G capabilities for a one-off cost of $199.

Vodafone No-Contract Mobile Plans

Vodafone offers a number of no-contract mobile phone plans with big data and unlimited national calls and text, as well as unlimited international text, at competitive prices. Right now, students are eligible for UNiDAYS student discount, and all plans over 60GB per month offer additional savings of up to $10 per month.

Vodafone No-Contract Mobile Plans
Data / month10GB / month60GB / month100GB / month150GB / month
Price / month$40 / month$45 / month (Usually $50 / month)$50 / month (Usually $60 / month)$70 / month (Usually $80 / month)
National standard talk and textUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
International talk and textUnlimited textUnlimited text
1000 mins to zone 1
100 mins to zone 2
Unlimited text
Unlimited mins to zone 1
200 mins to zone 2
Unlimited text
Unlimited mins to zone 1
300 mins to zone 2
Additional featuresStudents get 10GB bonus data every month with UNiDAYSStudents get $5 off plan fees / monthStudents get $10 off plan fees / monthStudents get $10 off plan fees / month
7 days free of $5 roaming each month for 36 months
$10 insurance credit / month for 36 months

In addition, Vodafone no-contract plans give you the option to add additional passes to your plan, to save on data and reduce the chance you run out of data before the month is up. Plans include:

  • Data-free chat with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
  • Social media browsing for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest
  • Data-free music streaming with everything from Spotify to Deezer to Soundcloud and more
  • Data-free video streaming with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Stan

Add-ons start at $5 additional per month, up to $15 additional per month, and run at speeds of 1.5Mbps. You will need a subscription for some of the services offered, which is not included.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Plans

Vodafone prepaid mobile phone plans give you the freedom to change your plan or leave at any time, without worrying about surprise bills if you use up your data before the expiry period ends. In addition, all calls and texts within Australia are free and unlimited, and for a limited time if you opt for auto-recharge, you’ll get extra data at no additional cost.

Vodafone Prepaid Mobile Plans
10GB + 15GB extra with automatic recharge
20GB + 25GB extra with automatic recharge
30GB + 25GB extra with automatic recharge
Price per expiry period$15 Originally $30$40$50
National talk and textUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
International talk and textNo500 mins zone 1
100 mins zone 2
1000 mins zone 1
150 mins zone 2
Expiry period28 days35 days35 days
Additional features250 additional international minutes
to zone 1 with activation and
recharges before 31/07/20
N / AN / A

With Vodafone prepaid plans, you have the option to purchase multiple recharges at once for a discounted price, with savings of up to $125. With these long-expiry plans, your data and inclusions will automatically refresh at the end of each expiry period without needing to worry about topping up your SIM plan for up to 350 days.

Vodafone Prepaid Bundle Packs
 $30 Combo Pack$40 Combo Pack$50 Combo Pack
Data10GB data20GB data30GB data
InclusionsData + unlimited standard national calls and textData + unlimited standard national calls and textData + unlimited standard national calls and text
International callsNo500 mins zone 1
100 mins zone 2
1000 mins zone 1
150 mins zone 2
Upfront cost$127.50$300$375
Price / recharge$25.50$30$37.50
Number of recharges5 recharges10 recharges10 recharges
Recharge expiry period28 days35 days35 days
Total expiry period140 days350 days350 days
Savings$22.50 discount$100 discount$125 discount

Vodafone Prepaid Pay-and-Go Plans

If you don’t want all the add-ons the other Vodafone plans offer, Vodafone Pay-and-Go prepaid plans offer a simple solution. Simply choose which starter pack you want, and you’ll get charged per minute, text, or MB you use during the expiry period.

  • $30 Starter Pack with 180 days expiry
  • $40 Starter Pack with 365 days expiry
  • $50 Starter Pack with 365 days expiry

Costs are:

  • 4c / MB of data
  • 20c / minute for standard national calls
  • 20c / SMS for standard national text
  • International and country-specific rates



Vodafone is Among the Cheapest NBN, Home Broadband & Mobile Providers in Australia!

Bundle Your Vodafone Plans

If you’re looking for multiple broadband and mobile phone plans for your home or family, choosing to keep all your telecom plans with Vodafone can save you money. Bundling multiple plans with Vodafone can save you between 5% and 20% off your plan fees.

  • Two eligible plans can save you 5% on each plan
  • Three eligible plans can save you 10% on each plan
  • Four eligible plans can save you 15% on each plan
  • Five or more eligible plans can save you 20% off each plan

ELigible plans include:

  • Mobile phone plans $30 and above, launched after July 25, 2018 (excluding Assured, Business Flex, and Business Advanced)
  • Tablet and mobile broadband plans $30 and above, launched after June 27 2018
  • Vodafone NBN plans Essential+ (NBN50) and Premium (NBN100)

Existing customers can choose to upgrade their plans in order to qualify for Vodafone Bundle and Save.

How to Purchase a Vodafone Mobile Plan

Purchasing a Vodafone mobile plan online is simple. Simply pick the plan you want, and fill out your personal details including name, address, and payment details. Once you receive your SIM card (generally in 1-2 business days) you will need to activate your mobile phone plan online.

When activating your mobile phone plan, you will need a valid form of identification. According to Australian law, an identity check is required of all mobile phone operators. When you activate your SIM card, you’ll be able to set up your Vodafone account and payment details.

How to Recharge your Vodafone Mobile Plan

You can easily recharge your mobile plan online through Vodafone. Prepaid services can be topped up by entering your mobile number online, and paying with a credit card. Vodafone no-contract plan payments can be managed on My Vodafone account management.


Vodafone is Among the Cheapest NBN, Home Broadband & Mobile Providers in Australia!

Contact Vodafone for Mobile Enquiries

Most of your Vodafone mobile account management and billing can be done online via the My Vodafone account service. However, Vodafone does offer a number of phone numbers for customers who need to manage their account and information over the phone. Vodafone customers can call 1555 from their Vodafone mobile to manage most of their account information, or use one of the phone numbers below to contact Vodafone support.

Contact Vodafone Customer Service and Support
EnquiryPhone Number
Pay bill or check your balance
Checking your call and data usage
Manage roaming
Network troubleshooting
From your Vodafone mobile: 1555 From any other phone in Australia: 1300 650 410
Prepaid phone balance, recharge, or add-on managementFrom your Vodafone prepaid mobile: 1511
Vodafone bill payment extension1300 728 649
Vodafone Keep Talking Insurance1800 371 713
Overseas+61 426 320 000

Vodafone Mobile Reviews

Vodafone customers have mixed reviews about the mobile provider. Customers on Product Review give customers 1.6 out of 5 stars, while TrustPilot customers give Vodafone 1.5 stars out of 5, with 85% of reviews giving the telecom provider 1-star.

Customers who are happy with Vodafone cite:

  • Fast delivery for new phones or plans, included added security for customers who have purchased new mobile devices
  • Polite staff in-store
  • Polite customer service who fix issues quickly

However, customers who give Vodafone negative reviews say it can be difficult to get in touch with customer service when issues arise, often being left on hold for extended periods of time. In addition, some customers cite billing issues such as being overcharged for their services.