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Internode, an Australian telecommunications company, has been providing its services to Australia since 1991. Since its start, Internode has won several awards for their broadband and customer service. Is Internode the right choice for you among Australia's broadband and mobile providers? Read more to find out.

Overview of Internode

Internode, an Adelaide-based Australian telecommunications company, was first founded in 1991. Internode was one of the first companies to offer ADSL2+, and part of the Terria consortium to build the National Broadband Network.

In 2011, Internode was purchased by iiNet, which in turn was purchased in 2015 by TPG.

Internode Network Coverage

Internode is an MVNO under the Optus network, which covers over 97% of the Australian population. Coverage generally extends across all major cities and outlying regions with pockets of coverage in the Northern Territory as well.

In the next six months, coverage can be expected to increase, particularly outside of Perth.

Internode Phone Offers: Mobile Phone, Fixed Line Phone, VoIP

Internode has mobile phone plans, traditional fixed lines, and VoIP phone plans for customers.

Internode Mobile Plans

Internode has five mobile phone postpaid plans. Customers will need to bring their own mobile and pay an additional one-time $10 SIM-card fee which includes delivery. Internode postpaid plans are month-to-month with no lock-in contract and no early cancellation fee.

With Internode, customers have access to Spend Management which warns customers when they have used a certain amount of their included features and suspends services once customers spent a certain amount monthly.

Postpaid Mobile Plans from Internode
  Starter Value Standard Premium Platinum
Price / Month $15.00 / month $19.99 / month $24.99 / month $29.99 / month $37.99 / month
Data / Month 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB 9 GB
Standard call and message value $550 Included
Standard national, mobile, 13/1300 talk 90c / minute + 35c flagfall Included
SMS / text 25c / SMS Included
International Call Value Not included Not included $100 $300
Excess Data $10 / GB

Internode Fixed-Line

Internode Home Phone services are available to customers with ADSL. The phone service setup starts at $0 to transfer an existing phone service or between $59 to $179 for a new service, plus a monthly rental fee of $29.95 / month. Customers can choose to add call packs for an additional monthly fee to add national and mobile calls, international calls, or bundle all of the above together.

VoIP with Internode

Internode VoIP, available to NBN and Naked ADSL users, gives customers inexpensive, untimed calls to any Australian fixed phone as well as inexpensive rates to Australian mobiles and international calling. Internode VoIP includes caller ID, advanced voicemail, online toolbox, call forwarding, do not disturb, and call return.

Internode VoIP Phone Plans
  NodePhone Standard* NodePhone 2 Starter NodePhone 2 Value NodePhone 2 Premium
Price / month $0 / month $5 / month $10 / month $20 / month
Monthly Call Credit $0 / month $10 / month $20 / month $40 / month

*Only available with Easy Naked ADSL plans

Broadband Offers with Internode

For customers in areas where NBN is available, Internode offers flexible NBN options to suit all customers’ needs. For customers on ADSL, Internode provides options for ADSL with or without a fixed line, as well as off-net broadband options.

Internode NBN Broadband Plans

For areas where NBN is available, Internode offers flexible and customizable NBN options to choose the best plan for you. Customers can choose the length of their contract, either month-to-month or six-months, both of which have zero set-up fees.

Customers can either bring their own modem (which will need to be NBN ready with the option to change VLAN settings) or purchase one from Internode for either $59.95 if you’re on a six-month contract or $99.95 for a modem with a month-to-month contract.

Customers are able to choose their NBN speed and data limit, starting at NBN12 with 100GB of data per month, up to NBN100 with unlimited data. Plans come with pay-as-you-go calls, but customers can add an additional call pack or internet pack for an extra added monthly fee.

Fetch TV BundleCustomers can add Fetch TV to their NBN services. Starting at an additional $5 / month plus set up fee, Internode provides a Fetch mini to stream movies. Customers can also choose to add extra channel packs to their Fetch TV bundle starting at an extra $6 / month.

Internode ADSL

Customers who don’t have access to the NBN yet have multiple ADSL options through Internode, depending on the type of connection needed and what is available to you in your region.

Internode Easy Broadband ADSL2+

Internode Easy Broadband ADSL2+ is available to customers who have ADSL connection in their homes. Easy Broadband is available at either 500GB / month for $59.99 or unlimited data every month for $79.99 and requires a fixed phone line. Customers are able to bundle their fixed phone line with ADSL2+ broadband, for a discount.

Customers can also opt to bundle Fetch TV with their ADSL2+ for an additional $10 / month plus $59.99 set-up fee, which includes a Fetch top box, access to premium service apps, a premium channel pack, and 30 pre-selected movies every month.

ADSL2+ customers also have two ADSL hardware options to choose from; the TG-789 ($59.95) for casual internet users and families, and the FRITZ!Box 7490 ($249) for internet enthusiasts and power users. Customers can also choose to add additional power or business packs, which includes additional features such as static IPv4 address, unlimited uploads, and subdomain available upon request.

Internode Easy Naked ADSL

Customers without a fixed phone line can opt for Naked ADSL2+ with Internode. Naked ADSL is available with 500GB for $59.99 a month, or unlimited data for $69.99. For those who still want a phone line, customers can opt to include NodePhone VoIP.

Customers can also choose to bundle Fetch TV for an additional $10 per month and have the option between two ADSL routers, the TG-789 for $59.95 which is recommended for home users and families or the FRITZ!Box 7490 for $249 which is recommended for power users or internet enthusiasts.

Internode Easy Reach ADSL2+

Easy Reach by Internode offers ADSL to customers who aren’t able to connect to the standard ADSL2+ network. Easy Reach requires a fixed phone line and can come either bundled with a phone line through Internode or unbundled without a line through Internode. Internode Easy Reach comes with three data options; 100GB for $69.99, 200GB for $79.99, or 400GB for $99.99 per month.

Easy Reach is also able to be bundled with Fetch TV for an additional $10 / month, which includes a top box, premium app access, premium channel packs, and 30 pre-selected movies per month.

Customers who need an ADSL router have the option between two ADSL hardware choices, the TG-789 which is recommended for families and casual internet users or the FRITZ! Box 7490 for more enthusiastic internet users.

Fetch TV and Internode

Internode services can be bundled with Fetch TV services. Customers can choose between the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty top box, and have access to premium apps such as Youtube and Netflix, as well as 30 pre-selected movies per month. In addition, customers can sign up for additional channel packs starting at an additional $6 per month.

How to Sign Up to Internode

Customers can sign up to Internode online. When subscribing to Internode, customers will need to provide valid identification details, including a valid address. To sign up for broadband service, customers will need to provide their address in order to see what type of broadband service is available at your connection address.

When signing up for a new mobile plan, the Australian government requires identifying details such as your name, home address, and how many other prepaid mobile services you already have. More identification may be required if you have more than five mobile services already in your name.

For more information, visit the Australian Government's website

Moving with Internode Broadband

Existing Internode customers planning on moving with Internode broadband can schedule their move over the phone by dialling 1300 308 490 or by filling out a contact form online.

Internode recommends calling 2 - 3 weeks before the move, to ensure adequate time to set up the connection.

How to Cancel Your Internode Service

Customers who would like to close their account and cancel their service completely can do so by calling 1300 889 188. Customers who are on a fixed contract and cancel their contract early may face an early termination fee.

Contact Internode Customer Service

Internode customers can call Internode customer service during the week, for sales, tech support, or account help. Customers can also find online forms to submit for any questions they may have.

Internode Customer Service Phone Numbers
  Phone Numbers Hours
Sales 13 66 33 8 am - 9 pm weekdays
8:30am - 5pm Saturday
Tech Support 1300 788 233 7 am - 12 am Monday to Sunday
Accounts and Billing 1300 889 188 7 am to 8 pm weekdays
7 am to 7 pm weekends

Pay an Internode Bill

Internode has two billing systems, their old billing system, and a new billing system. Each system offers slightly different ways to pay.

Customers on the old billing system can pay their Internode bill online, by direct debit or credit, cheque or money order, or BPAY.

Customers on the new billing system can pay immediately online, through direct debit, or BPAY. Customers who pay online immediately will have a surcharge up to 3.02% of the value of the transaction depending on the credit card company used.

To make an immediate payment, go online or call 13 66 33. Customers can set up direct debit through their My Internode account. If a customer sets up automatic credit card payments and pays by another method before their payment date, any surcharge fee is waived.

Reviews of Internode

Overall, customer reviews of Internode are generally positive.

Customers cite little to no coverage dropouts, as well as fast download speeds, however, some customers have said that the process of getting connected to broadband through Internode can take a longer than average time and often come with multiple delays.