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Exetel has been around since the 1990s, originally providing consulting services to customers before switching to the ISP and mobile network sector. Since then, Exetel has amassed over 240,000 residential telecom customers across Australia. Keep reading more below for more information about Exetel, the services they offer, and more and let Selectra help you find your new Australian broadband or mobile provider.

Exetel network coverage

Exetel is an Australian-owned ISP, providing network services to customers across Australia. Exetel first started in the 1990s as a technology consulting company, a service it provided until 2003. Following 2003, Exetel switched gears and began providing telecommunication services, beginning with ADSL.

Today, Exetel provides broadband services including ADSL/ADSL2+, NBN, and mobile and wireless broadband, as well as cellular services through the Optus Network.

Exetel offers network services, including mobile broadband, wireless broadband, and cellphone plans, through the Optus Network. Optus coverage extends across the majority of the southern coast in major cities, with network service extending into the Northern Territory. Coverage is expected to increase over the next six months, especially in the Perth area.

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Exetel NBN and broadband plans

Whether you’re looking for a new NBN plan, or want to find a reliable NBN alternative, Exetel offers both flexible NBN broadband and home wireless broadband to customers in Australia

Exetel NBN plans

Exetel NBN is available with three speed tiers, all with unlimited data, starting at $69 per month. Exetel NBN plans all come with no lock-in contract and free activation, and a free modem + shipping if you stay with Exetel for six months. In addition, customers currently get two free months of Home Secure internet security and can add either pay-as-you-go or unlimited calls.

Exetel NBN plans
Standard NBN25 Standard Plus NBN50 Premium NBN100
$69 / month $69 / month first 6 months
$79 / month after
$89 / month first 6 months
$99 / month after

Exetel home wireless broadband

If you’re looking for an alternative to NBN, Exetel has two home wireless broadband plans on the Optus Network. Both plans come with the same 250GB of data per month for $69 per month but, if you choose a 12-month contract, your pre-configured Wifi modem is half price.

Exetel wireless broadband plans
12-month contract No lock-in contract
250GB of data
$69 / month
+ $94.50 Wifi modem (+ $20 delivery)
250GB of data
$69 / month
+ $189 Wifi modem (+ $20 delivery)

Exetel mobile plans

Exetel has both SIM-only mobile phone plans and mobile broadband plans available on the Optus Network. All their mobile plans come with no lock-in contract with free delivery and activation.

Exetel mobile phone plans

Exetel SIM-only mobile phone plans are available to customers in Australia on a no lock-in contract starting at $9.99 per month for 1GB of included data. Exetel mobile plans are bring-your-own-phone, come with free shipping and free activation, and inclusions such as national and international call & text.

Exetel SIM-only phone plans
1GB of data
$9.99 / month
3GB of data
$14.99 / month
6GB of data
$19.99 / month
10GB of data
$24.99 / month
18GB of data
$29.99 / month
200 national minutes
Unlimited national text
Unlimited national call & text Unlimited national call & text
$50 international call value
Unlimited national call & text
$300 international call value
Unlimited national call & text
$500 international call value

Exetel mobile broadband plans

Exetel mobile broadband plans can be used with any mobile broadband device, such as a tablet, USB modem, or mobile hotspot. All Exetel mobile broadband plans are on a no lock-in contract and include free delivery and activation.

Exetel mobile broadband plans
1.5GB of data 8GB of data 15GB of data 60GB of data 90GB of data
$9.99 / month $19.99 / month $29.99 / month $59.99 / month $79.99 / month
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Exetel contact & My Exetel account management

Customers can contact Exetel either by phone, or online email form for any question or issue, including sales, technical support, to check on an order status, pay a bill, or resolve a billing or accounts issue.

Exetel phone number Exetel customer service can be called at 133 938

Customers can also manage their Exetel account through My Exetel. With My Exetel, customers can check their usage, view and pay invoices, change their plan, and change their personal details.

Exetel outages & technical support

If you’re experiencing an outage or other technical issue with Exetel, you can diagnose and fix many common problems easily with ExeFix. Exetel’s 24/7 technical support app helps customers diagnose and troubleshoot any Wifi or connectivity issues even if Exetel’s call center is closed. With ExeFix you can find easy solutions for common problems such as:

  • Speed issues
  • Video buffering
  • Wifi coverage
  • Network dropouts

To get started with ExeFix, simply download the app from the Google Play or App Store onto your phone or tablet, and run a Network Scan. Make sure during the scan you’re no more than one metre away from the modem, and you don’t minimise the ExeFix app or check notifications. Once the scan is done, you’ll get suggestions on how to improve network health. If you still need to call Exetel Tech Support at 133 938, run a scan first. Each scan will produce a unique code which you can share with Tech Support, so they can more easily assist you.

Pay an Exetel Bill

Customers can pay their Exetel bill online via My Exetel. In addition, customers can dial the Exetel customer service phone number at 13 39 38 between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm during the weekdays to pay their bill over the phone. Customers with any billing issues can dial this same number for help resolving their problem.

Exetel reviews

Customer reviews of Exetel are mixed. Some customers report easy communication with Exetel customer service, and swift and easy set up of new broadband services while others cite frequent drop-outs and slower-than-average download speeds during evening hours, even with premium NBN.

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