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Tango Energy Contact | Find Login, Phone Number & More

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Tango Energy Contact

If you need to contact Tango Energy, you can call their customer service team at 1800 010 648. Are you looking for other ways to contact Tango Energy by post, email, or live chat? As a large energy and broadband provider in Australia, Tango Energy has many loyal customers across the country. Whether you're an existing customer with a question or concern, or a future customer interested in signing up to a Tango energy plan, discover how to contact Tango Energy for whatever you might need by reading more below.

The following are all the different Tango Energy contact methods that are available to customers:

  • Call Tango customer service
  • Tango Live Chat
  • Send an email
  • Send a letter by post

Below, we will go into more detail about each of the Tango Energy contact methods mentioned above.

Tango Energy Phone Number

Tango Energy Contact Numbers
Department & Query Tango Energy Phone Number Hours
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1300 560 964 Mon - Fri: 10am-7pm
Customer Service 1800 010 648 Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm (AET)
Sales Team 1800 861 952 Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 6:00pm (AET)
Overseas +613 7065 1212 8:30am - 7:00pm (AET)
Multisite Customers & Brokers 1800 749 314 Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:00pm (AET)
Fax (03) 8621 6112 24 / 7
General Emergencies 000 24/7

Tango Energy Email & Postal Address

For written correspondence such as complaints, Tango Energy reviews, or submitting written forms, you can contact Tango via email at: [email protected]. Alternatively, you can write a letter and send it to Tango Energy's postal address:

Tango Energy Postal Address
South Melbourne Market Street
PO Box 5329 South Melbourne, VIC 3205

Tango Energy Retail Operations
PO Box 320
Geelong North VIC 3215

Live Chat

Contact Tango Energy Online

If you prefer contacting Tango online, they have a customer service contact page with information about all of their customer service phone numbers, and their online contact methods.

Below are all the different ways to contact Tango Energy online:

Online Live Chat

The Tango Energy Live Chat is available between 8:00am - 6:00pm (for the sales customer service) and between 8:00am - 6:00pm (for support customer service) from Monday to Friday. The customer support teams are available for all problems, questions or queries. You can message Tango online to connected with and speak to a Tango Energy representative in real time. You can find the live chat icon on the Tango Energy homepage in the bottom right hand corner. Then the virtual assistant will direct you to speak to customer support or a sales agent, based on your inquiry at the time. You can also continue the chat in Facebook Messenger. It is very convenient and easy to contact Tango via the online chat, as you can respond whenever you like and the message never disappears!

Email Tango Energy

If you need to send documents, bills, or speak to a Tango customer service representative, you can always reach them via email. Just send an email to the Tango Energy customer service team at the following address: [email protected].

Online Contact Form

Tango Energy customers can also request a callback on the Tango Energy contact page. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the online callback request form. Simply tell Tango if you are an existing custome or not and then fill out your name, email, preferred method of contact, a good time to talk, and a little about the message you are inquiring about. All you have to do next is press send and a dedicated Tango Energy team member will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Tango Energy My Account

If you prefer to manage your energy account online, you have the option of connecting via the Tango Energy app or via the Tango Energy online portal

  • Update your Tango contact details
  • Set up eBilling or manage your bill delivery preferences
  • View, manage, and pay your Tango Energy bill
  • Request a Tango bill payment extension or add an energy concession
  • Track your energy usage and manage multiple Tango accounts

For assistance with your online account, you can use the Tango Energy online chat for immediate assistance. Additionally, you can call Tango Energy customer service at 1800 010 648 between 8 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday (AEST). For other account issues, you can email Tango Energy at [email protected] and they will assist you with any account troubles that you encounter.

Customers who would like to register for "My Account” can head to the My Account registration page. You just have to provide your name, emai, account number, NMI and date of birth to register for your online Tango account. You willl also select your own password and username for your account. Once you have registered, you can easily access your Tango Energy login online.

It is important to note that the details you provide for the online account must be the same as the details on your Tango Energy plan. For example, the email address that was used to sign up for your Tango Energy Plan, must be the same one that you use to register for your “My Tango Account”.

Tango Energy App

You can use your Tango energy login information for both the app login and online login. If you need assistance, you can contact Tango Energy customer support at the phone number in the section above.

You can use the My Tango mobile app to manage your electricity and gas accounts all in one place. Below are all the benefits of registering for My Tango:

  • Tango Energy App Features
  • Monitor your energy usage: see all information about your energy usage and how much is it costing to you.
  • Get the most out of your smart meter: Access detailed information about weekly, daily or even hourly usage and get bill projections.
  • Pay your bills: manage your bills and payments on the go.
  • Manage your Tango account: update your AGL login details, and properties related to your account.
  • View meter data: go over your energy usage history and see projections for your future energy usage.
Magnifying Glass Bill

Tango Energy Pay My Bill

Tango Energy offers flexible payment options to simplify your bill payments. Their payment process has recently been enhanced to be able to provide you with a better customer experience and greater account control. Most of the payment methods require your Tango Energy login details, including your account number and postcode. If you're unsure where to locate your account number, it can be found at the top right-hand corner of your bill.

These are your payments options when managing your bill with Tango Energy:

  • Via the Tango App
  • Online with My Account
  • Credit Card or PayPal
  • Direct Debit
  • BPAY
  • Telephone Payment
  • By Mail
  • Centrepay

The table below shows the different ways you can pay your Tango energy bill:

Tango Energy Bill Payment Methods
Bill Payment Method How to Pay
Pay using the Tango Energy App Download the Tango app to your device and make one-touch payments using your Tango login credentials
Pay online using My Account Use your Tango login details to access your Tango My Account and with your stored payment method.
Pay immediately online with a credit card or PayPal Pay Tango bill online with VISA, Mastercard or AMEX payments
Pay by direct debit Set up direct debit from a chosen savings, credit, or checking account
Pay by Phone Call Tango Energy at 1800 010 648 to pay your bill over the phone.
Pay using BPay Contact your financial institution to pay via BPay
Pay by Mail Send your payment slip and cheque or money order to:
AGL Sales Pty Ltd
PO Box 320
Geelong North VIC 3215
Pay at any Australian Post Office Visit any Australian Post Office and pay your bill in person
Centrepay Pay from your Centrelink account with the Tango Energy reference number: 555112402T

Customers can significantly decrease waste and avoid a $3.30 (including GST) paper bill fee by opting for e-billing. To do so, simply contact [email protected], providing your account number, and express your request for e-billing. This eco-friendly choice not only benefits the environment but also helps customers avoid additional charges.

Tango Energy Complaints

At Tango Energy, every complaint is viewed as an opportunity for improvement. The company is committed to fostering a service-oriented culture for its customers but acknowledges that occasional dissatisfaction may arise.

Contacting Tango Energy for complaints can be done through the following channels:

  • By Phone: You can reach Tango Energy at 1800 010 648 from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm (AET), excluding public holidays.
  • By Mail: Tango Energy, Retail Operations, PO Box 320, Geelong North VIC 3215.
  • Via Online Form: Contact Tango Energy by completing the online contact form.

When you contact Tango Energy for a complaint, they have a standard procedure they follow:

  1. Contact Tango Energy customer service by phone, online form, or post
  2. The Tango Energy representative will confirm your name, address, and account details, along with essential identifiers like your Tango Energy Account number, invoice number, supply address, National Meter Identifier (NMI) for electricity accounts, and the Meter Installation Registration Number (MIRN) for gas accounts.
  3. Your complaint will be logged and recorded
  4. Tango Energy will work in agreement with you to determine any additional information needed and set clear communication timelines throughout the process, which may extend up to 14 business days for complex matters or when information from third parties is required.
  5. If you’re still dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, contact your local ombudsman.

If you would like to get in touch with your Energy Ombudsman, below is a list of the phone numbers for the different energy ombudsman in each state:

Energy Ombudsman Phone Numbers per State
State Phone Number
South Australia Energy & Water Ombudsman Water Ombudsman 1800 665 565
Victoria Energy & Water Ombudsman 1800 500 509
Queensland Energy & Water Ombudsman 1800 662 837
Western Australia Energy & Water Ombudsman 1800 754 004
Australian Capital Territory Ombudsman 02 6207 1740
New South Wales Energy & Water Ombudsman 1800 246 5450
To respect customers' preferences regarding contact, Tango Energy maintains a No Contact list. Those who wish to opt out of marketing communications can do so by contacting Tango Energy at 1800 010 648 or by completing an online form.

Tango Emergency Contact

If there is any danger to person or property, or you smell gas, call 000 immediately for emergency service and assistance.

The supply of energy to your property, encompassing power lines, gas connections, and related infrastructure, is managed by your local distributor.

In the event of a power outage, electrical issues, or failures, it is necessary to get in touch with your local electricity distributor. While Tango Energy can help you reach your electricity or gas distributor, they can’t fix the outage or emergency directly. The 24-hour emergency contact number for your distributor can be located on the right side of your Tango Energy Bill.

Contact Tango Energy FAQ

Is Tango Energy an Australian Company?

Tango Energy, formerly known as Pacific Hydro, is a well-known energy provider and renewable energy generation business that is based in Melbourne, Australia. Tango Energy now operates as the wholly-owned subsidiary retail division of Pacific Hydro Australia (PHA). PHA, established in 1992, stands as a prominent entity engaged in the ownership, operation, and advancement of renewable energy assets in Australia. Despite its initial Australian establishment, Pacific Hydro Australia underwent acquisition by China's State Power Investment Corporation in 2016.

How Do I Set Up Direct Debit with Tango Energy?

To set up Direct Debit from your bank account, you can complete the online direct debit form or reach out to Tango Energy by calling 1800 010 648 during their business hours, which are from 8 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday (AEST).

Is There an App for Tango Energy?

The Tango Energy app offers customers the simplest method to oversee both their electricity and gas accounts, all within a unified platform.

With their free, speedy, and secure mobile app available on iOS through the App Store and on Android via Google Play, Tango Energy ensures accessibility and convenience for their customers.