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Powershop Contact: Number, Chat, Email & Address

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Powershop Contact Methods

Powershop is Australia’s #1 greenest energy company, offering 100% carbon offset energy to customers in New South Wales, South East Queensland, and South Australia. With their innovative way to purchase and use energy, Powershop is a unique energy provider choice, but one that can offer great savings and discounts on your energy bill.While Powershop deals in mostly online customer service, they offer multiple ways to contact them for any question or query you might have. You can find all the information on how to contact Powershop, phone numbers, emails, and online, in our guide here.

Phone Numbers to Call Powershop

Powershop works predominantly online, and most customer service interactions can be done over the computer or on their app. If you wish to speak to someone on the phone, however, Powershop does have a customer service phone number you can call to speak with a member of their customer service team.

Powershop customer service can be called at 1800 462 668 and is available weekdays from 8am to 7pm AEDT.

Business Customer?Powershop business customers can call Powershop customer service by dialling 1800 728 197 weekdays from 9am to 5:30pm AEDT.

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Best Time to Contact Powershop Customer Service

Powershop customer service is available weekdays during normal business hours.

However, if you’re looking to speak with someone during peak hours, you may be expected to wait a bit before speaking with an operator. On average, however, Powershop’s rate for answering calls in under 30 seconds is 80%, with most customers waiting approximately 25 seconds on the phone according to the AER 2018-2019 Retail and Compliance Report on the Energy Market.

If you wish to contact Powershop outside of their business hours, there is an online form available, in addition to their email address.

Powershop Contact in Case of Emergency or Power Outage

In case of life-threatening emergency, contact emergency services by dialing 000

For all non-life-threatening emergencies, outages, fallen wires, and disconnections, as well as the smell of gas, customers should call their energy distributor. If you don't know your energy distributor, you can find the information on your energy bill. Customers can also search Powershop online by entering their postal code to find the distributor for their area.

Powershop Email and Postal Address

Powershop is available to email at [email protected], their general customer service email address.

Powershop does have one postal address, though it is mostly used for any written complaints. As stated, Powershop mainly deals with online customer service and for most questions or concerns, you should contact them online:

PO Box 1639
Melbourne VIC 3001

How to Pay Your Powershop Bill

Due to Powershop’s innovative Powerpack payment method, where customers purchase Powerpacks to pay for their power, billing is usually done online or on the Powershop app. Customers on Powershop Lite will be required to set up direct deposit in order to set and forget their bills. In addition, Powershop energy bills can be paid by BPay, contact your financial institution to pay Powershop by BPay

The Powershop App can be found on:

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Subscribe to an Energy Plan with Powershop

Powershop's unique approach to retailing residential energy can be difficult to understand, but can offer steep discounts for customers who subscribe to their Powershop plan with Powerpacks.

If you keep on top of your energy usage and the Powerpacks you purchase, you could save up to 15% or more off the reference price by switching to Powershop, depending on your distribution zone and postal code. For those not interested in Powershop with Powerpacks, Powershop Lite gives you the same great 100% renewable energy, without the confusing discounts, so you can be sure you're doing your part to help the planet.

Powershop now offers gas plans to customers in Victoria, in addition to their 100% renewable electricity plans. These Powershop gas plans follow the same model as their Powerpacks, and savings could be up to 8% discount off the standing market offer.

Customers looking to subscribe to an energy plan with Powershop can do so online and putting in their postal code to find the deals available in their area. However, customers interested in Powershop’s “set and forget” plan PowershopLite must sign up by calling Powershop at 1800 462 668 or by email.

How to Contact Powershop from Overseas

While Powershop does not have a dedicated overseas phone number, customers can still call Powershop from abroad.

Powershop customers overseas can try to contact the same customer service number for national calls by adding Australia's country code +61 and dialling +61 1800 462 668 between 8am to 7pm. International calling rates may apply.

In addition, Powershop is available via Skype for customers who are unable to call traditionally on the phone. Powershop Australia’s Skype name is powershopaustralia.