Got a burning question about Powerdirect Electricity? In this article, we go over the latest Powerdirect reviews, their pros & cons and explore Powerdirect energy plans & rates to help you make the best decision.

NOTE: Powerdirect Currently Not Accepting New Customers Powerdirect is currently conducting a review of their brand and product offering. Whilst they do that, they are not longer accepting new customers. However, you can reach them for more information on their future plans.

Powerdirect Overview - Who is Powerdirect?

Powerdirect is an Australian Sydney-based energy retailer that sells electricity in most of the Australian territory.

Powerdirect electricity is available for both business and residential customers, but the company sets itself as a business-focused provider, offering specialised services to small and medium enterprises.

These are the states Powerdirect operates in:

The business philosophy of Powerdirect is best described as simple, convenient and affordable. This is easily noticed on their website which is concise and does not waste space on marketing gimmicks. Instead, Powerdirect prides itself on providing user-friendly information and offers advice on how to understand their bills & save money with clever-energy uses.

Despite being a relatively unknown brand, Powerdirect offers competitive rates that rival with other providers thanks to their partnership with AGL Energy.

Is Powerdirect part of AGL?

Powerdirect electricity is backed by the infrastructure of AGL Energy (one of Australia's “big 3”). However, Powerdirect has been providing electricity to Aussies since 1997 as a standalone retailer and operating as a subsidiary of AGL since 2007. This means that Powerdirect does not have any of its own power stations. Instead, their energy mostly comes from AGL’s coal power plants.

Does Powerdirect do Gas? Powerdirect only provides electricity plans in NSW, QLD, VIC & SA. If you want a service similar to Powerdirect electricity, you can consider Powerdirect partner AGL Energy and other gas providers for cheap gas in NSW, QLD, VIC & SA.

Powerdirect Electricity Rates & Plans

Powerdirect energy plans are simple. They only offer one plan that matches the reference price for each state.

Powerdirect electricity plans follow the usual standards of the industry and come with no lock-in contracts, so you can switch to other providers whenever you want without any additional fees.

Select your state in the list below for a drop-down view of Powerdirect electricity rates:

Powerdirect Electricity Rates in New South Wales

Here is a list of the Powerdirect electricity plans & prices in New South Wales:

Powerdirect Electricity NSW
Plan Name Residential Standing Offer
Discount off the Reference Price Same as Reference Price
Daily Supply Charge 93.18c / day
Usage Rates 30.04c / kwh
Estimated Annual Cost $1,510 / year

Powerdirect Electricity Rates in Queensland

Here is a list of the Powerdirect electricity plans & prices in Queensland:

Powerdirect Electricity Rates QLD
Plan Name Residential Standing Offer
Discount off the Reference Price Same as Reference Price
Daily Supply Charge 123.92c / day
Usage Rates 25.38c / kwh
Estimated Annual Cost $1,620 / year

Powerdirect Electricity Rates in Victoria

Here is a list of the Powerdirect electricity plans & prices in Vicotira:

Powerdirect Electricity Rates VIC
Plan Name Residential Standing Offer
Discount off the Reference Price 1% Higher
Daily Supply Charge 116.23c / day
Usage Rates 21.7c / kwh
Estimated Annual Cost $1,300 / year

Powerdirect Electricity Rates in South Australia

Here is a list of the Powerdirect electricity plans & prices in South Australia:

Powerdirect Electricity Rates SA
Plan Name Residential Standing Offer
Discount off the Reference Price -13% Off
Daily Supply Charge 103.6c / day
Usage Rates 23.71 to 42.26c / kwh
Estimated Annual Cost 1,610 / year

Is Powerdirect any good?

Powerdirect is a good choice for customers that value convenience over price.

Powerdirect Review - Pros & Cons
 Backed by AGL  There are many cheaper options
 Fair rates  Does not sell gas
 Easy to understand  Only one plan available
 Small business specialist  May provide worse residential support

Being a subsidiary of AGL, Powerdirect has access to the energy giant power plants and is capable of providing fair rates without too many drawbacks. This may not seem like a great deal, but we like the fact that customers can feel safe having one of the big 3 providers in Australia backing Powerdirect with their resources. 

Powerdirect has chosen to build their service around providing a user-friendly infrastructure that helps their clients understand their billing and electricity uses. However, Powerdirect strengths are also their weakness - the company lacks any outstanding feature that would make them stand out from other providers.

Powerdirect Electricity Reviews

Powerdirect energy reviews are overall negative but they also enjoy an outstanding call wait time of 30 seconds according to the Australian Annual Retails Markets Report from 2019-2020.

Powerdirect obtained the following score in some of the most popular review sites:

Powerdirect Reviews
Review Site Score
ProductReview 1.3 / 5 (230 reviews)
Smart.Reviews 2.7 / 5 (30 reviews)

Positive reviews tend to focus around the cheap prices of Powerdirect electricity and responsive customer service.

Here is an example of a verified 5-star Powerdirect Electricity review from Toochie000 in Greater Melbourne:

“I’m not sure why this company has so many bad reviews! I have been with Powerdirect for years now and recommend them to everyone. I find their prices to be so good. And have never had an issue with them. Touch wood- hope it stays that way”

On the other hand, most Powerdirect reviews in both sites highlight unexpected bill charges and a slow customer service.

Here is an example of a verified 1-star Powerdirect Electricity review from Zach in South East Queensland:

“I would recommend staying away from this power company. I was grossly overcharged with estimated usage and PD would not correct the bill. They were incredibly difficult to deal with and slow to respond.”

Our Final Verdict on Powerdirect:Compared to other providers, Powerdirect energy stands as a solid choice for anyone looking for a straightforward brand that covers their electricity needs at a fair price.

How Do I Contact Powerdirect?

Powerdirect contact options provide more than customer support and include a wide variety of resources to help customers with unexpected issues.

Here is a list with Powerdirect contact information:

  1. Powerdirect contact number: 1300 307 966
  2. Powerdirect Fax: 03 8805 6699
  3. Powerdirect Australia email address: [email protected]
  4. Powerdirect Australia physical address: Level 3, 699 Bourke Street Docklands VIC 3008
  5. Powerdirect ABN: 28 067 609 803

Powerdirect contact team can be reached from 8.30am to 6pm AEST/AEDT, Monday to Friday.

Powerdirect Do Not Contact List Powerdirect provides their customers with the option to avoid spam by signing up for their No Contact List. Users can this way remain safe from unwanted mail.

Powerdirect Bill Pay

You may be surprised to learn that is no online account with Powerdirect. The upside is that you won't have to worry about keeping track of any Powerdirect login information. The downside of not having an online account is that you are relegated to calling customer service for anything you need to consult or change regarding your Powerdirect account.

However, you can pay your Powerdirect bill online without having to use any sort of Powerdirect login credentials, because Powerdirect uses the Post Billpay service to receive online payment from their customers.   

As well as accepting online bill pay, you'll be please to know that Powerdirect offers many other ways to make your payments:

  1. Direct Debit
  2. Bpay
  3. Phone
  4. Mail
  5. Post Billpay
  6. Centrepay
  7. Bill Smoothing

Powerdirect Financial Support

Powerdirect online site offers various links with resources that can help you if you are struggling to pay your electricity bills.

You can ask about information of any of them through Powerdirect phone number.

Here is a list with different cases in which Powerdirect financial assistance may apply:

  1. Customers affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. Tailored electricity plans for customers temporary who struggle with their finances
  3. Customers affected by domestic violence

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