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In this guide to Agas National, we will go over this local Australian LPG gas provider and their simple no-plan system. We'll show you how Agas provides excellent service while only supplying a small area of Queensland & New South Wales. Continue below to learn more.

NOTE: Agas National Currently Not Accepting New Customers Agas National is currently conducting a review of their brand and product offering. Whilst they do that, they are not longer accepting new customers. However, you can reach them for more information on their future plans.

Who Is Agas National?

Agas National is a family-operated LPG and gas supplier available in northern New South Wales & east Queensland.

If you need to use gas for cooking, heating, barbecues, or just hot water Agas can supply you with speedy LPG supplies when you need them. With a consistent supply of gas with their same-day delivery system, if you order between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.!

This local gas provider specialises in commercial & residential gas installation and supplies 45kg LPG bottles and even helium gas for parties. Agas is proud to be able to provide you with fast delivery and great customer service to the local communities they serve.

Agas was originally founded in response to the lack of care for customer service in giant multinational gas companies. Other than Elgas, Kleenheat, and a few others, Agas is one of only a few LPG gas suppliers in all of Australia.

Where Does Agas National Operate?

Agas is available in southeast Queensland around the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Warwick, & northern New South Wales.

They are able to provide same-day delivery through one of their four supply centres in Queensland, located at:

  • 7 Monigold Place, Dinmore QLD 4303
  • 23 Harrington Street, Arundel QLD 4214
  • 144 McNaught Road, Caboolture QLD 4510
  • 500 Boundary Street, Toowoomba QLD 4350

How Green Is Agas National?

Agas doesn’t provide or support anything related to environmental policies or initiatives, so it’s hard to say how green the provider is.

Generally, LPG gas is more environmentally friendly than the alternative, natural gas, because LPG gas produces more relative heat per volume than natural gas. Which results in fewer total emissions and less gas used.

Agas National Plans & Prices

You will not find any kind of regular gas plan from Agas.

However, you can ask to be supplied with various kinds of gas as either a residential or commercial customer. Agas’ same-day delivery service will guarantee you won’t be running out of gas on their watch.

The Agas 45kg price can range from $100-200. The price can vary based on the distance travelled by the Agas delivery truck to your home, meaning the farther you live from one of the four Agas depots the costlier your 45kg cylinder will be.

You can order 45kg LPG gas bottles and other canisters for cooking, heating, hot water, and even for forklifts.

If you are an industrial or business customer, there are a variety of other gases Agas supplies for different applications including:

  • Acetylene
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Argon
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Helium

Can I Manage My Agas Plans Online? If you want to order a new gas bottle from Agas you can either give them a call or through the web form on their website. New gas bottle payments can be with cash, bank transfer, or credit/debit card.

What Other Services Does Agas Offer?

Besides supplying your LPG gas needs for everyday home use, Agas can also supply you with helium gas for your parties.

Agas can provide your large events or functions with helium part kits and balloons, so you don’t need to shop around for new party supplies.

If you’re a business customer they can also provide you with LPG cylinders needed to operate your forklift or outdoor heaters.

Should You Use Agas National?

If you are looking for a gas supplier that goes a bit beyond what’s expected of them, Agas is the perfect fit for you.

Agasonly operates in a small area, in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales, but the gas supplier offers a wide variety of LPG services with a great service reputation.

Although, the small operating area does mean that if you live outside these regions you won’t be able to choose Agas as your gas supplier, or get any repairs or installation needs.

If you do happen to live in southeast Queensland or northern New South Wales, you are able to sign on with Agas and take advantage of their same-day delivery service! Combining this with the cost-saving potential of LPG gas you could save time and money.

Agas National Pros & Cons
Pros Cons
 Same-day delivery service for quick gas delivery.  The LPG market lacks competition and prices can fluctuate.
 LPG is relatively more environmentally friendly in comparison to natural gas.  Agas does not offer any set plans or offer environment initiatives.
 Has a good range of gases for industrial customers.  Operate in a relatively small area unavailable to many Australians.

Agas vs. Elgas

When you choose between different LPG gas providers, it's important to know that your choice will ultimately come down to which provider is more convenient for your area and your priorities when it comes to the services they offer.

The price of LPG gas isn't determined by the LPG gas providers, but it is set by the Saudi Aramco Contract Price. This means that each LPG gas provider will not vary by much in price, but they will vary in service quality and coverage area.

The one exception that could affect the price of your LPG gas order is the cost of delivery. Thankfully, however, all the LPG providers below offer free LPG gas bottle delivery. Keep in mind, providers can differ in how long it takes them to deliver to your home.


If you want to automate the process of refilling your LPG gas and have a set plan, then Elgas will be your best bet.

Agas and Elgas are very different LPG gas providers. Agas is a smaller local business and doesn't offer tools that would make managing your LPG gas easier. Elgas is Australia's largest LPG gas marketer and almost serves the entire country. Elgas also provides several tools and apps to help manage and automate your LPG gas.

Elgas operates virtually everywhere in Australia, so you can get your LPG gas from a reputable company even if you don't live in Queensland. Elgas also offers manual and automated LPG gas refilling plans, so you never have to worry about running out of gas for your home.

Keep in mind Elgas is not an Australian-owned company. Elgas is a subsidiary of Linde Limited, an Irish international engineering, and chemical company.

Elgas offers free gas delivery to most areas in Australia, but delivery times can differ. If you are ordering autogas, Elgas can deliver your order in a couple of hours, if you ordered a home LPG gas refill, the wait time can take a couple of days.

Agas vs. Supagas

Supagas, in comparison to Agas, offers many rewards programs and services areas outside southeast Queensland, if you like to be rewarded for loyalty to one provider then Supagas is a good fit!

Supagas offers free delivery of your LPG gas, but the delivery will take place in your area's next available delivery date. This could take a few days.

Supagas offers great rewards programs and rebates to all their customers and operates around the coasts with limited servicing to rural areas. Like Agas, you can contact them via phone call, email, or online order form, and Supagas does not offer automated refilling.

Also note that Supagas, like Elgas, is not an Australian-owned company, they operate under Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, the world's fourth-largest gas supplier.

Agas National Contact

You can contact Agas National in a number of different ways including:

  • Phone
  • Online Web Form
  • Email

No matter if you’re you’re looking to sign up for Aga, or an existing customer who needs help with ordering a new LPG gas bottle, you can find all Agas contact methods below:

Agas National Contact
Agas National Contact Method How to Contact Agas National
Agas National Online Webform Webform
Agas National Phone Number
Monday to Friday: 8am - 6pm
07 3282 5783
Agas National Email [email protected]