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ActewAGL: Energy Offers, Contact Details and How to Subscribe

ActewAGL is the biggest energy provider in the Australian Capital Territory. Operating in both the ACT and south-east New South Wales, it provides both gas and electricity services to its customers, with discounts off the regulated tariffs. Read on to find out more information about what ActewAGL has to offer, and if they are the best fit for you out of all of Australia's energy retailers.

About ActewAGL

ActewAGL is a joint-venture energy company, owned in part by ACTEW Corporation (now Icon Water) and AGL, which supplies gas and electricity to customers in the Australian Capital Territory and south-east New South Wales. While ActewAGL was first started prior to 1988 (known at the time as Actew) it didn’t become ActewAGL until the early 1990’s when gas first became available to Canberra households.

Today, ActewAGL is made up of two partnerships:

  • ActewAGL Retail: Equally owned by Icon Water and AGL Energy
  • ActewAGL Distribution (now Evoenergy): Equally owned by Icon Energy and Jemena LTD

ActewAGL offers in Canberra and the ACT

ActewAGL offers two energy plans for customers in the ACT, in addition to the Standard Retail Contract available to all customers in the ACT and NSW.  :

  1. 20% discount off your total usage for gas and electricity for a one year benefit period
  2. ActewAGL Certain Saver which offers low total rates, plus a yearly rate decrease over a three year period as well as an included meter upgrade if required 

ActewAGL offers tariffs for single rate and time of use, with or without controlled load options. The exact savings depend on your location and type of tariff you choose. For individual pricing, go to ActewAGL price comparison.

Want to Go Green?ActewAGL offers the option to add GreenChoice to your electricity plan for a small, additional cost at either a fixed-use or percentage-based rate.

Customers in ACT with renewable generators may be eligible for the ActewAGL small-generator buyback scheme, and the ACT Government Feed-in Tariff Scheme. Under these programmes, customers with solar generators can receive a feed-in tariff for energy created.

ActewAGL offers in New South Wales

ActewAGL offers customers in New South Wales three energy plans:

  1. Conditional: On top of the guaranteed discounts, earn an extra 3% when you pay by direct debit
  2. Guarantee: A guaranteed discount off the standard reference price every month
  3. Standard: The standard retail contract set by the NSW government

These plans are available as electricity-only, or electricity and gas. Customers looking for natural gas plans can choose ActewAGL’s standard market contract. Discounts can be up to 15% off for single-rate tariffs, plus an additional 3% off if you opt for direct debit payments and bills. Tariffs available include single rate and time-of-use, with or without controlled load.

Want to Go Green? ActewAGL offers the option to add GreenChoice to your electricity plan for a small, additional, cost at either a fixed-use or percentage-based rate.

Customers in NSW with renewable generators may be eligible for the ActewAGL small-generator buyback scheme in which customers with solar generators with less than 10kw of generation capacity can earn back 8c/kWh in feed-in tariffs.

Contact ActewAGL

ActewAGL customer service is available weekdays between 8 am and 6 pm by dialling 13 14 93. Their international number is +61 2 6248 3400. These numbers can be used for all customer service enquiries for residential customers.

The ActewAGL head office is located at ActewAGL House, 40 Bunda Street, Canberra ACT 2600.
All postal mail can be sent to:

GPO Box 366,
Canberra City ACT 2601

Visit Selectra's ActewAGL Contact Guide for all the ways to contact ActewAGL.

Subscribe to, move with, or cancel ActewAGL

To sign up for ActewAGL you will need to go onto ActewAGL Contact, and sign-up with your current address, and valid identification. You will also need to agree to a credit check for eligibility.

If you’re moving house, ActewAGL gives you the option to move with your service, or move and disconnect on the ActewAGL website.

New customers can also choose to move to a new property when signing up for ActewAGL. ActewAGL offers both move planning where you can decide the exact day to disconnect and reconnect your energy services and same-day connection. Same-day connections can be done during business days if a request is made online before 8 pm.

10 Day Cooling Off PeriodUnder Australian law, all energy customers are entitled to a 10-business-day cooling off period after signing up for a service. During this period, you are entitled to cancel your energy subscription at any point without penalty. Outside of the 10-day cooling-off period, you can cancel by calling ActewAGL customer service at 13 14 93.

ActewAGL solar panels

ActewAGL is invested in solar energy and promotes energy solutions to customers who would like to lower their energy bills. ActewAGL is currently referring all new solar customers to their partially-owned solar solutions company SolarHub, which has over seven years experience in solar panel installation and maintenance. 

Existing ActewAGL solar customers can still find help and service with their solar systems including issues with their warranty or maintenance, by calling 02 6248 3322.

ActewAGL ePayPlus

ActewAGL recently simplified and updated its online account management service, ePayPlus. Through ePayPlus customers can track energy usage, manage their account details, pay their bills or request extensions, organize a move, and view special offers. Current customers can still log into their ePayPlus account with their current account details.

How to pay ActewAGL

Direct Debit is the most recommended method to pay your ActewAGL bill, and with direct debit, you may be eligible for additional bill discounts. Otherwise, ActewAGL accepts payments online or through ActewAGL ePayPlus, with BPAY, by post, phone, or in person.

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