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Yomojo: Family-Friendly Mobile Plans, Contact and Reviews

Since Yomojo’s start in 2015, it has turned itself into the MVNO for Australian families. By offering family bundles and parental control options, Yomojo helps parents keep track of their kids’ internet usage while keeping families connected. For more information about Yomojo’s family-friendly options, as well as everything else they have to offer, continue reading below. Let Selectra help you find the perfect fit of Australian mobile and broadband provider!

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Overview of Yomojo

Yomojo first came onto the MVNO scene after the failure of Yatango Mobile in 2015. Prior to 2015, Yomojo was a little-known company owned by millionaire entrepreneur Scott Stavretis. Yomojo bought Yatango after it lapsed into voluntary administration, and moved all 20,000 Yatango customers onto their services.

Since its starts in 2015, Yomojo has marketed itself as a family-friendly mobile phone and broadband company, offering not only prepaid mobile phone plans and mobile broadband services, but also options for parents to monitor their children’s use of the internet, mobile data, and screen time with their FamilyEye parental control subscription.

Yomojo network coverage

Yomojo is an MVNO on the Optus network which covers approximately 98% of the Australian population over 700 towns and all capital cities. Through the Optus Network, more coverage is expected to be added within the next six months.

Yomojo offers: prepaid plans, family bundles, FamilyEye

Yomojo positions itself as a family-friendly internet and mobile phone provider. In addition to simple phone and mobile broadband options, Yomojo gives parents peace-of-mind when it comes to their kid’s internet usage while giving families bundled discounts to help them save money and stay connected.

Mobile phone plans with Yomojo

Yomojo SIM-only plans come with no lock-in contract and unlimited standard national talk and text on a 30-day plan. With Yomojo, the more phone plans you bundle, the more you save and discounts could be up to 15% off your total phone bill. You can also easily monitor your account, including all additional, family or group members, online.

SIM-only no-contract phone plans
Data 1GB 2GB 10GB 25GB 45GB
Price $9.90 $15.90 $25.90 $35.90 $49.50
Unlimited Call / Text No Yes Yes Yes Yes

Yomojo’s family-friendly offers

Yomojo gives families many ways to monitor their children’s internet and data usage while helping them to save money. In addition to family phone bundles with discounts of up to 15% off, Yomojo also offers FamilyEye.

With FamilyEye, parents can control their child’s internet usage, block adult content, track location, and enable safe device sharing all through the FamilyEye app on their phone.

Parents can get FamilyEye for an additional $5 / month per child and can try their first month for free. Customers can sign up to FamilyEye online, or through their Yomojo Mobile Dashboard.

Mobile broadband with Yomojo

Yomojo has data-only SIM plans available to customers looking for mobile broadband options. Plans come contract-free and run on 30-day expiry. If you run out of data before your plan renews, additional data is available at $11 for 1GB or $20 for 2GB.

Yomojo mobile broadband
Data 2GB 7GB 15GB 50GB 100GB
Price $14.90 $19.90 $34.90 $54.90 $79.90

Yomojo 4G home broadband with modem

Through the Optus 4G network, Yomojo provides two easy-to-set-up home broadband plans. Customers can choose either 200GB / month for $59.90, or 500GB / month for $79.90 with no lock-in contracts. Customers will be required to purchase a Huawei 4G Router for an upfront cost of $169.

Subscribe to Yomojo

Sign up with Yomojo

Customers can sign up to Yomojo online. When signing up as a new customer, you will need to provide

  1. A valid email address,
  2. A valid Australian delivery address,
  3. A valid credit or debit card for identification purposes.

After sign-up, if you wish to pay your bill by a different method such as cheque or money order, you can contact Yomojo customer service to arrange this. Once you’re signed up online, your new SIM card will be delivered to you at no additional delivery cost.

Want to cancel your Yomojo service?To cancel your Yomojo service, you will need to directly contact Yomojo Customer Service through email, live chat, or over the phone.

Contact Yomojo customer service

Yomojo customer service is available by phone, email, or live chat online. To call Yomojo customer service, dial 1300 YOMOJO (1300 966 656) from within Australia or overseas by calling +61 2 8089 1602. The Yomojo Sales Team is available Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, and Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. Yomojo Customer Service is available weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm.

For email enquiries, customers can send an email to with email business hours weekdays from 8am to 6pm and Saturdays 10am to 6pm.

Pay your Yomojo bill

Yomojo offers automatic bill payment for customers to pay their Yomojo bill as a default. Customers can update their automatic payment details through their Dashboard. Customers interested in paying through the post should contact customer service to set it up.

Customer reviews of Yomojo

Customers give Yomojo mixed reviews. Customers like that the mobile plans are good for children and families, while others like the fast home broadband speeds and easy setup. A number of customers, however, cite that Yomojo will often continue to charge for a cancelled service and there is frequently a long back-and-forth between the customer and customer service to get any issue resolved.