Coles Prepaid: Mobile Offers, Activate and Recharge and Reviews

Coles Prepaid (also known as Coles Mobile), the telecommunications branch of Coles Supermarkets in Australia, has offered prepaid mobile phone options since 2015. For those who regularly go shopping at Coles Supermarkets, Coles Prepaid mobile options might be the convenient choice for network services. Is Coles Prepaid a good choice for you? Find out more by reading below or find your new Australia telecom provider with Selectra. 

Overview of Coles Prepaid and Coles Supermarkets

Coles Prepaid mobile phone services are part of Coles Supermarkets brand. Coles Supermarkets was first founded in 1914, by George Coles. Since then, Coles Supermarkets has expanded to be one of the largest supermarket chains across Australia.

Coles Supermarkets expanded into the mobile telecommunications market in 2015 following the launch of rival, Woolworths, mobile phone services. Coles Prepaid offers a few simple prepaid phone plans to its customers, with incentives including flybuys discounts and additional data.

Coles Prepaid Network Coverage

Coles Prepaid operates as an MVNO under the Optus Network, which covers over 98% of the Australian population. Through Optus 3G and 4G network, Coles Prepaid mobile phone services extend across all major cities across the south of Australia with additional pockets of cellular service in the Northern Territory.

In addition, Optus plans to extend its network coverage within the next 6 months which will, in turn, extend coverage for Coles Prepaid users.

Coles Prepaid Offers

Coles Prepaid offers four simple prepaid SIM cards in Australia, at four price points with different expiry periods. All Coles Prepaid SIM cards come with unlimited standard national talk, as well as unlimited standard national SMS and MMS under the Optus Network. In addition, Coles Prepaid $40 SIM card comes with 250 standard international minutes to selected countries.

Customers can also purchase additional data ($5 for 500MB or $15 for 3GB) or international credit ($5 or $15 additional credit) if necessary.

Coles Prepaid Offers
Price $10 $20 $40 $180
Expiry Period 10 Days 35 Days 35 Days 365 Days
Data 1GB 28GB* 35GB** 48GB

* 28GB on first 3 recharges within 90 days of activation - 3GB data on fourth recharge
**35GB on first three recharges within 90 days of activation - 10GB data on fourth recharge

Coles Supermarkets Flybuys (branded flybuys) is an Australian rewards program owned and operated by Coles Supermarkets. Through flybuys, customers can redeem 500 points in order to receive $2.50 off their in-store prepaid recharge.

How To Purchase, Activate, and Recharge a Coles Prepaid SIM Card

Customers can purchase a Coles Prepaid SIM card at any Coles Supermarket or Coles Express. Once purchased, customers can activate their SIM card, and choose their prepaid plan, online. When activating a SIM card, customers will need at least one valid form of identification which can include a credit card.

To recharge your Coles Prepaid SIM card, go online and enter your prepaid service number. Customers can recharge their prepaid service with a credit card or PayPal, purchase a voucher in-store, or set up AutoRecharge.

Contact Coles Prepaid Customer Service

Whiles Coles Supermarkets has multiple phone numbers available for customers to call, for information directly relating to Coles Prepaid services, customers can dial 1300 644 741.

This number can be used to contact Coles customer service for all prepaid phone questions and comments including information about international roaming, any problems relating to prepaid recharge vouchers, or to reset a voicemail PIN.

Reviews of Coles Prepaid

While many customer reviews of Coles Prepaid cite absolutely no issues with their service, some customers say they’ve come across difficulty activating their SIM card or porting their old number to the Coles Prepaid service. When facing issues, customers have also noted it can be difficult to get in touch with customer service and get the issue resolved.