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Belong: Offers, Customer Service and How to Subscribe

Belong, a low-cost subsidiary of Telstra, offers broadband and mobile plans to customers across Australia. Continue reading for more information about what Belong has to offer or read about all of Australia's broadband and mobile providers to find the best plan for you.

Overview of Belong

Belong, launched by Telstra in 2013, is a low-cost broadband and mobile service provider in Australia. Originally started to provide low-cost broadband options, Belong expanded in 2017 to include no-contract, high-data mobile services.

Network Coverage with Belong

Belong is an MVNO under the Telstra network. Under Telstra, Belong reaches 98% of the Australian population with their network coverage, which extends across the majority of major cities in Australia, and the regional areas surrounding them.

Offers from Belong

Belong offers simple mobile and broadband plans to its customers in Australia, without confusing deals or contracts.

Belong Mobile Phone Plans

Belong mobile phone plans are SIM-only plans which come with three possible data allowances with unlimited national standard call and text. Belong also offers unlimited data banking so any unused data gets stored for future use, and their plans come without contracts or exit fees.

Mobile Plans from Belong
  Small Regular Large
Data/month 1GB / month 10GB / month 30GB / month
Price / month $10 / month $25 / month $40 / month
International Call and Text +$5 / month +$5 / month Included

ADSL and NBN Broadband with Belong

Belong offers simple ADSL and NBN broadband plans to customers in Australia. Belong promises simple broadband plans, with no hidden charges or surprises with flexible contract options and no limits to peak or off-peak data usage.

NBN with Belong

Belong offers NBN services to available locations in Australia. Building an NBN plan is simple with Belong, choose a speed and a contract type. NBN by Belong comes with $0 standard activation fee, and with a 12-month contract comes with a free wifi modem. Customers who choose a month-to-month contract will have to pay an additional $5 / month for their wifi modem.

  Starter Speed
(1 - 2 people)
Standard Speed
(3 - 6 people)
Premium Speeds
(6 - 9 people)
Price $55 / month $65 / month $90 / month
Contract Types Available Month-to-month
Month-to-month only

ADSL and ADSL2+ with Belong

For customers who live where NBN is unavailable, Belong also offers ADSL and ADSL2+. With ADSL, customers can choose their data allowance (either 100GB at $55 / month or unlimited data starting at $60 / month ), and whether they want a month-to-month contract or a 12-month contract.

Belong ADSL comes with $0 standard activation fee and customers who opt for a 12-month contract will receive a free wifi modem. Customers who choose a month-to-month contract will have to pay an additional $5 / month for their wifi modem.

Sign up for a new NBN or ADSL home broadband plan, and receive $80 in free mobile credit

How To Sign Up to Belong

Customers looking to sign up with Belong can do so online. When signing up for Belong broadband service, you will need to provide an address to see if NBN or ADSL is available in your area.

Customers who are interested in Belong mobile can request a SIM card to be sent to their house. Once the SIM card has been delivered, you can activate your SIM card online.

When signing up for any prepaid phone plan in Australia, you will need to provide identification prior to activation. Depending on the number of other prepaid phones you have, more steps may need to be taken in order to activate your phone. For more information about Australia’s prepaid phone laws, visit the ACMA website.

How To Move with Belong Broadband

Belong broadband customers who are moving house can arrange to move with Belong online. Simply sign in to your Belong online account, enter your new address under “Move Service” as well as your move-in date, and wait for the activation text. New customers who want to sign up with Belong in their new house simply need to sign-up online and put their new address into the form.

How To Cancel a Belong Service

Customers who wish to cancel their Belong broadband account can do so by calling 1300 235 664. Customers on a 12-month contract may have an early termination fee that will need to be paid in full prior to cancellation. If you are switching to a new broadband service, your new provider might arrange the cancellation for you.

Contact Belong Customer Service

Customers of Belong can contact Belong customer service all week, from 7 am to midnight by dialing 1300 235 664. For any complaints and feedback, customers can email

Pay a Belong BillBill payments are taken directly from your bank account and can be managed on your Belong account. Belong accepts Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal.