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Unlimited Mobile Data Plans: Telstra, Optus & 5G Prepaid Options

Looking for the best unlimited mobile data plans Australia has to offer? You’ve come to the right place! This article will go over the top telecom providers and their unlimited mobile data plans. Are their plans really unlimited? How much do these kinds of plans cost? Is unlimited data even worth it? Continue reading and to find out.

Telstra Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

All Telstra mobile data plans have unlimited data, starting from $40 - 200 monthly.

Telstra does not have truly unlimited data plans, with ‘Telstra Ultimate Mobile Plan’ being an exception and also acting as an international phone plan. Telstra mobile plans do not charge you for using over your data limit.

Below you can find a list of Telstra’s SIM only plans:

Telstra SIM-Only Mobile Plans
Plan Name Price/Data Allowance
Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Small $55/40GB
Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Medium $65/80GB
Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Large $85/120G
Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Extra Large $115/180GB
Telstra Ultimate Mobile Plan $199/Unlimited

Telstra mobile plans also have many shared features, including:

  1. 5G network access on compatible devices (excl. Telstra Upfront Mobile Plan Small).
  2. Unlimited standard national calls & text.
  3. Unlimited international SMS to all countries.
  4. Share data up to 10 different Upfront mobile and data plans on the same account.
  5. No excess data charges.
  6. Pay with AutoPay

While going over your Telstra mobile plans allows you to go over your monthly data limit with no extra costs, Telstra will considerably slow down your device. After reaching your monthly limit, Telstra will place a cap on your data speed at 1.5Mbps, and if you’re using data during busy hours, it may get even slower.

At capped speeds, you will not be able to watch HD videos, social media content, loading files, and some websites.

Telstra 5G Prepaid Plans

Telstra offers one prepaid 5G SIM card, with an initial charge of $60 and 65GB of data.

Telstra’s 5G prepaid plan includes:

  1. Continuous data rollover.
  2. Included international call minutes to selected destinations.
  3. Unlimited calls and texts in Australia to standard Australian numbers with each recharge.

Included in Telstra’s 5G plan is the ability to recharge up to three times for 65GBafter which each recharge will be 40GB, 5G included.

A recharge on your prepaid plan will cost $40.

Keep in mind that after 28 days your data will expire. Unless you recharge before the expiry, any remaining data will rollover onto your new recharge.

Optus Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

All Optus mobile plans have unlimited data, prices range from $20 - 85 monthly, and include 5G (except for Tasmania and The Northern Territory).

The main difference between Telstra and Optus is coverage and data speeds.

Compared to Telstra, Optus is slower and has less coverage. Telstra plans cost much more than Optus.

Telstra offers a 180GB plan for $115, while Optus offers a 200GB plan for $65. For $5, extra you get access to ‘Data Buffet’ or unlimited data for the next 24 hours if you’ve run out.

Below you will find a list of Optus SIM only unlimited mobile data plans.

Optus SIM-Only Mobile Plans
Plan Name Price/Data Allowance
Small Choice Plus Plan $45/20GB
Medium Choice Plus Plan $55/80GB
Large Choice Plus Plan $65/200GB
Extra Large Choice Plus Plan $85/240GB
Optus Plus Promo Plan $65/500GB

Optus unlimited mobile data plans are not truly unlimited data plans. Once you use your monthly data allowance, you will have a 1.5Mbps speed cap.

Outside of the Optus mobile plan features listed before, all Optus mobile plans include:

  1. Unlimited standard calling and texting.
  2. Unlimited international talk & text to 35 countries.
  3. Data sharing.
  4. ‘Unlimited Data Day’
  5. ‘Donate your Data’
  6. Optus pause
  7. International Roaming
  8. Optus Sport
  9. OS Fitness
  10. SubHub

Optus 5G Prepaid Plans

Optus prepaid 5G prepaid plans are known as ‘Optus Flex 5G’ and range from $2 - 60, with the ability to roll over up to 200GB.

Optus 5G prepaid plans are available in most major cities and states but keep in mind 5G service is not available in Tasmania and The Northern Territory.

Below you can find a list of Optus 5G prepaid plan options:

Optus 5G Prepaid Plans
Plan Name Price/Data Allowance
Flex 5G 2GB $2 Daily/2GB
Flex 5G 14GB Weekly $14/14GB
Flex 5G 28GB Every two weeks $28/28GB
Flex 5G 60GB Monthly $30/60GB

Wireless Broadband Most telecom providers also provide wireless broadband plans, allowing you to take the internet wherever you go!

Vodafone Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Vodafone plans have some of the best prices in the market with a large amount of data and coverage.

Vodafone has less coverage and slower speeds compared to Telstra. When you compare Vodafone to Optus, Vodafone has the same coverage and slower speeds compared to Optus.

However, Vodafone Mobile has a truly unlimited mobile data plan for $65.

Below you can find a list of Vodafone unlimited mobile data plans:

Vodafone SIM-Only Mobile Plans
Plan Name Price/Data Allowance
Max Speed Data Lite $40/40GB
Max Speed Data Lite + Plan $45/80GB
Max Speed Data Super Plan $50/200GB
Max Speed Data Super+ Plan $60/300GB
Max Speed Data Ultra + Plan $65/Unlimited

Vodafone 5G Prepaid Plans

All Vodafone prepaid SIM cards have 5G for no extra cost.

Vodafone prepaid SIM cards are similar to their mobile phone plans. Although the higher data Vodafone plans (80GB & 150GB) do not offer unlimited data.

Below you can find a list of Vodafone prepaid phone plans:

Vodafone Prepaid Plans
Plan Name Price/Data Allowance
40GB Prepaid Plan $30/40GB first 3 charges, then 15GB
50GB Prepaid Plan $40/50GB first 3 charges, then 30GB
60GB Prepaid Plan $50/60GB first 3 charges, then 45GB

All Vodafone prepaid plans allow for unlimited data after using your initial prepaid data allowance with speeds capped at 1.5Mbps, until next recharge or expiry.

Vodafone prepaid plans also have a scaling allowance of international calling. With each prepaid plan getting more minutes for international calling compared to the last one.

Felix Mobile Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Felix Mobile is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) owned by Vodafone, and operates on Vodafone’s networks.

Felix Mobile only has one plan available and it is no-contract only. This allows you to switch mobile providers with no cancellation or exit fees

  1. Unlimited mobile data at 20Mbps speeds.
  2. Unlimited standard calls and texts.
  3. Unlimited international calls + texts, ($5 add-on)
  4. International roaming, (yearly subscription for $20 fee)

An added benefit of Felix Mobile is that the operator works on an eSIM rather than a physical SIM card.

Here are some PROs and CONs for a eSIM vs a physical SIM card:

 Easier to switch between different telecom providers.  Not as easy to quickly switch devices.
 Can hold multiple different provider SIMs within an eSIM.  Easily trackable, because you cannot remove an eSIM your movement can be tracked.

Is an Unlimited Mobile Data Plan Worth It?

An unlimited mobile data plan can be a good option for you if you find yourself on your phone often.

There are options available for most people to enjoy unlimited data, regardless of their background, that can also fit their speed and coverage needs.

All the providers offer some of the best mobile plans in the market

Telstra has the fastest speeds and best coverage, but it can be relatively pricey.

Optus has less coverage and lower download speeds but has very reasonable prices and great value with many add-ons.

Vodafone has the best prices and true unlimited mobile data plans at lower prices than Telstra or Optus, even in prepaid options. But has the slowest speeds.

Felix Mobile allows you to be flexible and take advantage of the open telecom market with your new eSIM, with true unlimited mobile data at lower prices under Vodafone’s network. Felix Mobile can have an iffy value depending on the customer.

If you still have questions about comparing phone plans, what are the cheapest or best phone plans and where can you find that new Iphone you've been looking for feel free to read onto more of our guides or even give us a call.

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