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Energy Ombudsman NSW - Contact EWON


The Energy Ombudsman in NSW (EWON) is available to residents of New South Wales who have a dispute or complaint with their energy or water provider. The ombudsman is obligated by law to provide free and fair service to all customers and assist them with their complaints. Read on to learn how to make a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman in NSW.

What is EWON? - Energy Ombudsman NSW

The Energy and Water Ombudsman of NSW is known as "EWON" for short.

The NSW Ombudsman is a non-profit organisation that helps resolve disputes for the general public in a free and fair way.

In Australia, each state has its own Energy and Water Ombudsman to help resolve disputes and complaints between customers and suppliers of electricity, gas, and water.

A key pillar of the energy ombudsman's services is that they are committed to being a fair and impartial mediator and to not taking sides in favour of the industry or the consumer in a dispute.

Who Funds the Energy Ombudsman?The Energy Ombudsman is funded by fees from water and energy suppliers. As part of their operations in Australia, water and energy suppliers are legally obligated to pay the fees that support the ombudsman services in each state.

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What Can I Complain About to EWON?

The Energy Ombudsman in NSW (EWON) can help you with a wide range of complaints and disputes regarding electricity and gas providers.

Here is a table showing the types of disputes and potential issues that the Energy Ombudsman of NSW can assist you with.

Types of Complaints & Disputes Handled by EWON

Dispute Category Types of Disputes
  • High bills or disputed accounts
  • Estimated bills
  • Billing delays
  • Rebate and concessions errors
  • Backbilling or catch up bills
Payment difficulties
  • Negotiating payment plans
  • Payment extension or instalment denials
  • Disconnections or restrictions of service
  • Getting reconnected
  • Accessing the Energy Accounts Payment Assistance (EAPA)
  • Debt collection or credit defaults
Marketing or transfers of account
  • Misleading or deceptive marketing
  • Misinformation or marketers not disclosing information about your rights
  • Pressure to sign or agree to a contract
  • Account transfers without consent
  • Transfer delays
  • Transfer request rejections by your retailer
Land and property
  • Health and safety concerns about the network
  • Network operations causing damage to private property
  • Vegetation management around power lines
  • Placement and maintaining the network assets
Supply to household
  • Quality of supply (including electricity voltage variation or low gas pressure)
  • Damage of property or household due to an event in the network (like a power outage)
Solar energy
  • Billing delays
  • Feed-in-tariff applications
  • Meter problems
Embedded networks
  • Disputed accounts
  • Fees and charges
  • Disconnection or quality of supply

What Type of Complaints Does the Energy Ombudsman NSW Not Handle?

There are certain things that the energy ombudsman cannot help you with.

Here is a list of disputes that the Energy Ombudsman in NSW does not handle:

  • Complaints about private contractors
  • Issues or disputes with landlords
  • Disputes regarding LPG gas
  • Disputes regarding energy prices

If EWON can't help you, the good news is that as a non-profit organisation they are committed to offering impartial and fair advice.

Therefore, EWON can help you find the appropriate organisation to assist you with your query or complaint.

How do I make a complaint to the NSW Ombudsman?

The process for filing a complaint with the Energy Ombudsman in New South Wales is relatively straightforward, but there are a few steps you need to take to ensure the dispute is resolved quickly and fairly.

You can only receive help resolving a dispute if you have already complained to your energy company. If the complaint goes unresolved, then you can request help from the Energy Ombudsman NSW.

Here is how to file a complaint against an energy company:

  1. Contact your energy company and explain your problem
  2. For non-urgent issues, written communication is better as you will have written proof of your discussions.
  3. Ask for your company to help you resolve your issue, and ask what they can do to assist you.
  4. If the customer service agent is unable to help you, request to speak to a senior representative.
  5. Make a record of all conversations related to your complaint.
  6. Be sure to record the following: the agent's name, the date & time of the conversation, a summary of the topics discussed, the complaint number or case number if available
  7. Your company should work to resolve your issue within 5 business days

If you’ve already contacted your energy supplier regarding our complaint, the NSW Ombudsman might be able to refer you to a higher level in your energy provider’s dispute resolution team, who will contact you within five business days.

When to contact the NSW ombudsman?If you are unhappy with your company's response, or they are unable to help you, then it's time to contact the ombudsman.

Here's how to make a complaint to the Energy Ombudsman in NSW:

  1. Contact the NSW energy ombudsman online or by phone at: 1800 246 545.
  2. Give them your contact details, your supplier's name, an overview of your complaint, and the type of resolution you expect.
  3. Offer details of your situation in chronological order, and as briefly as possible
  4. Include any notes of proof or additional documents you may have to support your claim

Once your complaint has been submitted to the NSW ombudsman, they will review it and assign an investigations officer to your case.

Once your Investigations Officer begins the investigations process, a few things will happen:

  • The Energy Ombudsman will request more information from you and your provider.
  • Be prepared to supply your account records, copies of your bills, receipts, and any other supporting documents.
  • The ombudsman may consult externally for independent, expert advice.
  • They will investigate your claim until it's resolved or for as long as your claim warrants investigation

During the investigations process, it’s important to continue to pay your energy bills or any outstanding amount owed to the provider that is not the subject of the dispute. If you cannot pay your energy bill during this time, the Energy Ombudsman can help you find solutions for paying your bills.

During the investigations process, all communication between the disputing parties about the case must be done through the Energy Ombudsman. Direct communication between you and your provider can continue for topics unrelated to the disputed case.

What to Do if the Energy Ombudsman Doesn't Resolve My Complaint

If you have gone through the complaints process with the NSW ombudsman and you are unhappy with the outcome, you can request a second review of your case file.

To request a review of your case, you must make your appeal in writing within 28 days of your case being closed. You should include more supporting evidence of your claim including relevant documents.

EWON will only investigate your claim for a second time for one of the following reasons:

  1. You suspect bias or lack of impartiality from the NSW Ombudsman's initial review
  2. New or additional information has surfaced that is relevant to the case but not previously investigated
  3. You suspect the ombudsman relied on incorrect information or did not follow policy and procedure.

How Do I Contact the NSW Energy Ombudsman?

Here's a list of the ways you can contact the Water and Energy Ombudsman of NSW:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Online form
  • Post

The Energy Ombudsman in New South Wales is located in Sydney and are available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

How to contact the Energy Ombudsman NSW
Contact method Ombudsman NSW Contact Details
Freecall 1800 246 545
Online form Submit a complaint or enquiry online
Free Fax 1800 812 291
Free Post Reply Paid 86550
Sydney South
NSW 1234

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Other Services Provided by the Energy Ombudsman NSW

In addition to complaint resolution services, the Energy Ombudsman in New South Wales also offer free and independent advice for a number of questions, or concerns, you might have.

They offer a number of online resources and guides and can help you with common questions such as:

Therefore, you can also contact EWON for advice or help, even if you don’t want to file a complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Does the NSW Ombudsman Report to?

The Energy Ombudsman NSW was founded by the government and reports directly to the government.

Is There an Electricity Ombudsman in NSW?

Yes, the electricity ombudsman in NSW is called EWON for short. The electricity ombudsman helps resolve complaints between you and your energy company. You can contact the electricity ombudsman for free at: 1800 246 545.

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