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Electricity and Gas Distributors in Australia

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While your gas or electricity is sold to you by an energy provider it’s the energy distributor who actually sends the energy to your residence. Energy distributors are also the ones in charge of maintenance, emergency work, network repair, and more. If you have any problems with your gas or electricity supply, it is your energy distributor who you call. For information about how to get in touch with your energy distributor, continue reading below.

What is an energy distributor?

Distribution network service providers, also known as energy distributors, are the actors within the NEM who send energy into your home or business. Homes or businesses are within different energy distributor network zones, and these zones affect who your energy distributor is, as well as the price of your energy usage, and the type of energy available to you.

Energy distributors and energy providers work together to ensure your electricity and gas supply reaches your home. When you set up an energy service through a provider, they get in touch with the energy distributor to arrange for connections or disconnections.

In case of life-threatening emergency or damage to person or property, dial emergency services at 000.

Knowing who your energy distributor is, is just as important as knowing your energy provider. Should you have any emergency relating to your electricity or gas supply, including fallen lines, a power outage, or the smell of gas, your distributor is the one to call. Distributors also often report network disruptions, or scheduled maintenance, online so you can see if there are any outages in your area.

To find your energy distributor, you can check your last bill statement from your energy provider, or keep reading below.

New South Wales and the ACT gas and electricity distributors

New South Wales and the ACT are covered by four electricity distributors and four gas distributors. Your exact location within NSW or the ACT will affect who your distributor is but these are the gas and electricity distributors who serve the area. Most of the population in NSW will have their electricity distributed to them by Endeavour Energy and gas distributed by Jemena Gas Networks (NSW), while Evoenergy distributes electricity and gas to most of the ACT. If you're unsure of what distributor supplies energy to your area, you can check your energy retailer invoice.

Electricity distributors NSW and the ACT
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Endeavour Energy Southern & western metropolitan Sydney 131 003 131 718
Essential Energy Country & regional NSW & some ACT 132 080 132 391
Ausgrid Inner, northern & eastern metropolitan Sydney and surrounds 131 388 131 535
Evoenergy ACT 131 093 132 386
Gas distributors NSW and the ACT
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Central Ranges Pipeline Tamworth 1800 676 300
132 771
131 909
(02) 6761 5522
Jemena Gas Networks (NSW) Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and parts of country NSW 131 909 1300 137 078
Wagga Wagga Gas Distribution Network (Australia Gas Networks) Wagga Wagga Gas leak: 1800 GAS LEAK
Fault: 1800 898 220
1300 001 001
Evoenergy ACT 131 909 132 386

Queensland gas and electricity distributors

In Queensland, much of the state is within the Ergon Energy distribution network, the historic electricity provider and distributor. However, in the deregulated area of South-East Queensland, electricity is distributed through Energex and most of the state has gas distributed through Australian Gas Networks.

Electricity distributors QLD
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Ergon Energy (owned by Energy Queensland Limited) Country & regional QLD 132 296 131 046
Energex Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & surrounds Faults: 136 262
Emergencies: 131 962
131 253
Gas distributors QLD
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Allgas Energy South of the Brisbane River, South Coast, Toowoomba & Oakey 1300 763 106 07 3215 6600
Australian Gas Networks (QLD) Queensland Gas leak:
1800 898 220
1300 001 001

South Australia gas and electricity distributors

In South Australia, there is only one electricity distributor (SA Power Networks) and one gas distributor (Australian Gas Networks) for the majority of the state. However, some regional and remote areas might have a different energy distributor, so it’s always a good idea to double-check your energy provider bill if you need to contact them.

Energy distributors SA
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
SA Power Networks (electricity) All of South Australia 131 366 131 261
Australian Gas Networks (SA)(gas) All of South Australia

Gas leak: 1800 GAS LEAK
Fault: 1800 898 220

1300 001 001

Victoria gas and electricity distributors

Victoria has multiple gas and electricity distributors within the state, including Essential Energy which services a small number of gas customers in the area, and Citipower which distributes electricity to most of the urban Melbourne area. 

Electricity distributors VIC
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Powercor Australia Western suburbs and western Victoria 132 412 132 206
AusNet Services Outer northern and eastern suburbs and eastern Victoria 131 799 1300 360 795
United Energy Distribution Southern suburbs and Mornington peninsula 132 099 1300 131 689
Citipower City and inner suburbs 131 280 1300 301 101
Jemena Northern and north-western suburbs 131 626
SMS service: 0427 840 744
1300 131 871
Gas distributors VIC
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
Multinet Gas Melbourne’s inner and outer east, the Yarra Ranges and South Gippsland 132 691 1300 887 501
Ausnet Services Aberfeldie 136 707 1300 360 795
Australia Gas Networks Merrifield, Heathcote/Wandong Junction, Koo Wee Rup, Mildura Gas leak: 1800 GAS LEAK
Fault: 1800 898 220
1300 001 001

Tasmania gas and electricity distributors

Tasmania only has one electricity and one gas distributor for the island. TasNetworks distributes electricity through the region, while Tas Gas Networks distributes natural gas. You can find the phone numbers for both here, in case of a emergency or power outage in Tasmania.

Energy distributors TAS
  Service District Emergency Number General Number
TasNetworks Tasmania 132 004 1300 137 008
Tas Gas Networks Tasmania 1802 111 1800 770 018