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Dodo NBN plans and broadband services

Dodo is a Melbourne-based home utility retailer, offering broadband and home internet services, mobile phone plans, and even electricity and gas connections. With the rollout of the NBN Dodo, alongside other Australian internet service providers, have begun offering NBN plans as their standard internet service. If you’re looking to switch over to the NBN for the first time, or want to find a new NBN plan, keep reading below to find out what Dodo NBN plans have to offer.

Dodo NBN plans

With the National Broadband Network rolled out to over 90% of Australians, most households have either already switched over from their old copper wire broadband or will need to in the near future.

Dodo NBN is available with flexible contract options, either on a 12-month contract (with $0 startup costs) or on a month-to-month contract (+$120 activation fee), with unlimited data and an included NBN-compatible modem.

Dodo NBN plans
20Mbps average evening speed
41Mbps average evening speed
82Mbps average evening speed
$65 / month
$55 / month when you bundle with Dodo electricity and gas
$75 / month $85 / month

Contact Dodo NBN

Dodo NBN and broadband customers can contact Dodo by calling 13 DoDo (13 36 36) for sales, customer support, and tech support. Customers can also find help with their account or service online, by sending in a support request or through their My Dodo account self-service portal.

Dodo contact business hours
Sales Customer Support Tech Support
Mon to Fri: 8am - 11pm
Sat & Sun: 9am - 6pm
Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm
Sat & Sun: Closed
Mon to Sun: 9am to 9pm

Customers who are moving house will need to call Dodo as soon as possible to organize their move and the relocation of their home broadband service with Dodo. To organize the relocation of your Dodo NBN or broadband service, call either 13 DoDo (13 36 36) or their alternative moving house phone number 1300 193 302. In addition, you can send a relocation request form online with your disconnection and reconnection/installation dates.

Pay your Dodo NBN bill

Dodo broadband plans are automatically directly debited from customers' accounts every billing cycle, using the payment details set up during the sign-up process. If you would like to change your direct debit information, you can do so through your My Dodo account management online.

Dodo bill payment methods
Bill payment method How to pay
Online Use a credit or debit card online via Dodo Pay My Bill service
Phone Call 13 DoDo
BPAY BPAY Biller Code available on your latest invoice

If you’re having trouble paying your Dodo invoice, you can request financial hardship assistance through Dodo customer service. The first step is to contact Dodo financial assistance as soon as you might have trouble making a payment. Dodo hardship enquiries team can be reached at:

Contact Dodo financial hardship team
Phone Email Postal address
1300 907 283
Mon to Fri: 9am - 6pm Dodo Financial Hardship Case Manager
PO Box 631, Collins Street West
Melbourne, VIC 8007

My Dodo account management

My Dodo account management service is available to all Dodo customers to help them manage their Dodo broadband and mobile phone accounts. This includes:

  • Updating personal details and contact information
  • Billing management: Update direct debit payment details, check current account balance, and view past invoices and charges breakdowns
  • Make a bill payment with a credit card
  • Check usage, and manage your Dodo mobile phone plan

Dodo broadband alternatives

In addition to NBN, Dodo also offers other broadband services. If you don’t yet have an NBN connection, Dodo still offers ADSL to certain residences, and for those looking for broadband on the go Dodo mobile broadband is available on both month-to-month and 12-month contracts.


With ADSL connections almost completely phased out of Australian homes, it can be difficult to find ADSL plans for those that still have this connection. Dodo is still one of the few ISPs to offer ADSL, through Telstra, with NBN-ready modems for when you need to make the switch.

Dodo ADSL plans are available with flexible contracts, either month-to-month or 12-month, and come with an included NBN-ready modem.

Dodo ADSL plans
101GB / month Unlimited data
$20 / month $30 / month

Dodo mobile broadband plans

Mobile broadband allows you to connect to the mobile data network anywhere it’s available, for use with tablets, mobile hotspots, or wifi-enabled dongles. Dodo mobile broadband plans are available on either a month-to-month plan for flexibility, or on a 12-month contract for even more data and savings.

Dodo mobile broadband plans
15GB of data 25GB of data 25GB of data 50GB of data
$20 / month
$40 / month
$20 / month
12-month contract
$40 / month
12-month contract
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